Twenty Three

This post is long overdue but summer is summer and you know how it goes. Last weekend was my big two three. My champagne birthday. Man, I feel like I'm growing old but you know what? I'm digging it. 

Side note: The other day I was watching Live with Michael and Kelly (or whatever order it goes in) and Cameron Diaz was on the show. That woman is flawless, anyways, she was talking about how she just and a birthday recently and how she loves to be growing older. She feels wiser, stronger and happier.  Maybe it was all bumbo jumbo and she's just faking it but she made one good point, we should be blessed to another year older. I mean, if you weren't aging you wouldn't be living right? So we should appreciate our lives and appreciate the age that comes with it because sometimes the older you get the better life is. 

That being said, I have decided that I will not resent my upcoming birthdays but instead welcome them with open arms and be happy that I get to live another year. Okay hippie rant over ;) So, my birthday this year was pretty awesome. After ALL of my plans falling through we decided to head over to Niagara Falls for a night, it was the best night ever. I had so so so much fun with my close friends, holy geeze I could tear up with how great they made my birthday. 

I have the best, most caring and loving friends ever. They are all a pain my ass but I'd rather no other pain. I love them like crazy.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful labour day weekend, I have been super busy with work but I am striving to pay attention to 'The Dainty Kat' I'm a work in progress so lets just deal with it okay? This post is going to be bit picture heavy but you can deal with it, I'm sure of it ;) 

This guy right here made my 23rd super special. I am so lucky to have an amazing and caring boyfriend... Ladies eat your heart out ;) 

Two of the best men out there... How they are single, beats me. If anyone's interested I can hook you up ;) 

Oh friends. Goodness gracious these three are the apples of my eye, you know when you got a good thing? You hold onto it like it could slip away any day.. With these three I will always hold on tight. Words cannot describe the joy and happiness they have brought into my life. I love you ladies! 

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful labour day weekend! Enjoy some drinks for me!


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