be happy

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! 

AHH I am super excited that it's almost the weekend! We're going away tomorrow so I am pumped up! This week has been a little funny to me and I don't mind, my car had a few problems that led to me dropping a whole $800 bucks on it. BLAH. I absolutely despise spending money on my car but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Ugh. Even though that was kind of a blow to me and my mom (last month her transmission went kaput and we had to spend about 3 grand to get a new one), we are still working hard and not giving a shit! 

I find that if you just keep being positive even in crappy situations its funny how you can just trick your brain. Count your blessing folks not your money! 

OKAY, so last night the absolute funniest/endearing thing happened and I am truly so shocked that it happened. It's something I always want to remember so I'm putting it on the blog! Last night, my friend and I went out for dinner... Hold on, let me just skip back for a second. We decided that if we felt up to it we would go to zumba after dinner, so I was in yoga pants, a sports bra, my "good vibes only" shirt and my hair was pulled back. Okay, lets continue! So we went out for dinner and about halfway through dinner this lady in about her 40s came up to me and said, "Sorry for interrupting your dinner but I saw you from across the room and just had to tell you that you're so beautiful." Then, she just walked away... I was floored. I have never had a complete stranger (guys hitting on you at bars DONT count) come up to me and say that. My friend and I had a fit of giggles, I mean I was beet red and thought it was hilarious but it was also the sweetest thing ever. It made me feel so good about myself. So to the lady who was kind enough to make my day, thank you. Thank you for being SO sweet and I hope you continue to make other girls feel pretty. You are a gem. 

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!


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