Twenty Three

This post is long overdue but summer is summer and you know how it goes. Last weekend was my big two three. My champagne birthday. Man, I feel like I'm growing old but you know what? I'm digging it. 

Side note: The other day I was watching Live with Michael and Kelly (or whatever order it goes in) and Cameron Diaz was on the show. That woman is flawless, anyways, she was talking about how she just and a birthday recently and how she loves to be growing older. She feels wiser, stronger and happier.  Maybe it was all bumbo jumbo and she's just faking it but she made one good point, we should be blessed to another year older. I mean, if you weren't aging you wouldn't be living right? So we should appreciate our lives and appreciate the age that comes with it because sometimes the older you get the better life is. 

That being said, I have decided that I will not resent my upcoming birthdays but instead welcome them with open arms and be happy that I get to live another year. Okay hippie rant over ;) So, my birthday this year was pretty awesome. After ALL of my plans falling through we decided to head over to Niagara Falls for a night, it was the best night ever. I had so so so much fun with my close friends, holy geeze I could tear up with how great they made my birthday. 

I have the best, most caring and loving friends ever. They are all a pain my ass but I'd rather no other pain. I love them like crazy.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful labour day weekend, I have been super busy with work but I am striving to pay attention to 'The Dainty Kat' I'm a work in progress so lets just deal with it okay? This post is going to be bit picture heavy but you can deal with it, I'm sure of it ;) 

This guy right here made my 23rd super special. I am so lucky to have an amazing and caring boyfriend... Ladies eat your heart out ;) 

Two of the best men out there... How they are single, beats me. If anyone's interested I can hook you up ;) 

Oh friends. Goodness gracious these three are the apples of my eye, you know when you got a good thing? You hold onto it like it could slip away any day.. With these three I will always hold on tight. Words cannot describe the joy and happiness they have brought into my life. I love you ladies! 

Hope you all have a safe and wonderful labour day weekend! Enjoy some drinks for me!



toronto bound

Over the weekend Catina and I paid our best friend Gimena a little visit and it was much needed! Earlier this summer she moved in with her boyfriend in Toronto, we don't see each other nearly as much as we used to but thats not stopping us! It makes me oh so happy when I get to spend quality time with my girls. 

It was my first time driving to Toronto, so I have to say I was pretty proud of myself! For those of you who haven't been. Toronto is a nightmare to drive in! I definitely lucked out because Gimena doesn't live downtown, I'm sure I would have had a heart attack if that were the case.

We spent our night watching movies, talking and giggling like school girls. Being someone who is constantly surrounded by men (Brents best friends are always over) it's SO nice to be with your best friends, there is nothing like a girls night. Nothing. 

The next morning, we got up super early. Gimena and I had a delicious breakfast on her balcony and got to really catch up. We then took the subway downtown and took a little walk on the Harbour front. It is so peaceful to walk along the water and just talk to your friends, it lifts your mind of all the stresses and to know that you will always have those two friends there for you is comforting. Life is such a roller coaster but I am so glad that I have been blessed with these two ladies. They mean the world to me. 

Stay beautiful girls. You are amazing people and I love you. 



Okay, I don't usually swear on here and those who know me, know that I have a TERRIBLE potty mouth but anyways, that's besides the point. Sorry for cursing blah blah blah. 

I legit couldn't agree more with this though. As soon as I stopped giving a shit about things that I should't have been stressing about, it's like life went, "HEY! THERE SHE IS! WELCOME BACK TO AWESOMENESS AND HAPPINESS!" 

Seriously. I was going through a very rough time, poor Brent, my two BFs and family, bless their soul... They all sure put up with a lot of my shit. 

Over a month ago I finally decided that it was time that I took control of my life, that I stopped moping around and sulking and just being stupid. I was stuck in the past, in a life that was long gone and the people in it were gone too. I am definitely someone who takes any cruel comment, hurtful action, etc. to heart. I often remember that action and leave the wound open in my heart for a loooooong time. I try real hard to forgive but I hardly ever forget. 

Now that I have actually tried to change myself and the way I think about certain things I couldn't be happier. I really hope I'm not jinxing myself here but I believe its mind over matter. Healthy mind healthy life, right? I stopped giving a fuck and life opened its doors real wide and said "here I am, embrace me!" I have SO many good and beautiful things in my life and its a shame I spent a good portion of my year dwelling on shit that shouldn't have mattered anymore. Sure, from time to time the mind wanders into territory it should definitely stay away from but shit, I'm human and thats okay. 

Becoming "selfish" was the best damn thing I ever did. I have been focusing more on me, taking care of my body, mind and soul. Dammit! It feels real good! I hope that anyone out there who is dealing with ex friends, ex boyfriends, ex anythings, sees this and knows that once you allow yourself to heal and you pick yourself up and literally say "FUCK IT!"  it gets better! I promise you. 

Life isn't perfect but it is beautiful and every single morning I try really really hard to remember that. 



what's for breakfast

Good Morning! 

This morning I woke up at 6 and decided that I wanted an extra 45 minutes in bed. I usually wake up and work out Wednesday mornings but since I know I have a pretty free day today I gave myself a little bit of a break and just laid in bed for a little longer. Today my workout can wait.

 Mornings really are my favourite part of my day, besides getting into bed at night, that's great too. Since my days consist of being pulled a million ways and making a bunch of calls and emails, I love mornings because no one is awake and bothering me. I get to sit and drink my coffee knowing that I don't have to talk to anyone or do anything. It's just a peaceful part of my day. 

This morning for my breakfast I made myself a asparagus omelette with a piece of rye toast and a lime greek yogurt. Nothing too fancy but enough to fill me up and get me ready for my day! I love a good breakfast, if you eat well first thing in the morning I feel like it really sets the mood for your entire day! 

I hope you all have a happy hump day! Only two more days until the weekend, woohoo! 




ohh summer the things you do to me. 

Weekends are so so good around here... I'm just enjoying my summer and taking in all thats left of it. Dollarama ALREADY has halloween stuff up, they should STOP that right now. Like come on we're not even halfway through August can't we just enjoy the rest of summer and NOT think about halloween yet? It's ridiculous! 

Anyways, we had such an awesome weekend I really hope that the rest of summer goes out with a bang! On Saturday we finally used our new fire pit and had a fire with all the boys over! It was so awesome! So much star gazing and guitar playing, we even had the chance to see the Space Station fly over our town! It was the coolest thing ever, I was the happiest girl! Nothing better than spending time with your good friends and having roasted marshmallows (I will openly admit I had about 12, they're my guilty pleasure) 

Yesterday we spent time with Brents family and it was so wonderful! I haven't seen his cousins for a few months, so it was nice to catch up with them and see how they're doing! We had an amazing potluck, so MUCH food. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy food? Anyone who doesn't is crazy. 

I actually have the day off today so I've just been bumming around but I managed to worked out this morning, go me! I'm pretty impressed with myself, I have actually been keeping up with my workouts! I'm on week 5 and I am still absolutely loving it. I have never been so happy with a workout regimen, I cannot praise The Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines enough. Seriously, I love it! I will be posting a full out review next week, I'll be hitting the halfway mark and posting my halfway progress photo! EEK! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday and I hope it goes by quickly for you! And also, have a wonderful week friends 



be happy

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! 

AHH I am super excited that it's almost the weekend! We're going away tomorrow so I am pumped up! This week has been a little funny to me and I don't mind, my car had a few problems that led to me dropping a whole $800 bucks on it. BLAH. I absolutely despise spending money on my car but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Ugh. Even though that was kind of a blow to me and my mom (last month her transmission went kaput and we had to spend about 3 grand to get a new one), we are still working hard and not giving a shit! 

I find that if you just keep being positive even in crappy situations its funny how you can just trick your brain. Count your blessing folks not your money! 

OKAY, so last night the absolute funniest/endearing thing happened and I am truly so shocked that it happened. It's something I always want to remember so I'm putting it on the blog! Last night, my friend and I went out for dinner... Hold on, let me just skip back for a second. We decided that if we felt up to it we would go to zumba after dinner, so I was in yoga pants, a sports bra, my "good vibes only" shirt and my hair was pulled back. Okay, lets continue! So we went out for dinner and about halfway through dinner this lady in about her 40s came up to me and said, "Sorry for interrupting your dinner but I saw you from across the room and just had to tell you that you're so beautiful." Then, she just walked away... I was floored. I have never had a complete stranger (guys hitting on you at bars DONT count) come up to me and say that. My friend and I had a fit of giggles, I mean I was beet red and thought it was hilarious but it was also the sweetest thing ever. It made me feel so good about myself. So to the lady who was kind enough to make my day, thank you. Thank you for being SO sweet and I hope you continue to make other girls feel pretty. You are a gem. 

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend!



What's for breakfast?

Good Morning my fellow early birds! 
Can I just say that the last two nights have been super super rough?! Brent worked nights last night and on monday night he just went to bed a lot later than usual and its messing up my schedule man! I haven't slept more than two hours straight the last two nights and its seriously driving me insane. I am tired! Why can't my body just stop this nonsense?! None the less, I still woke up at 6:30 this am to workout, I know, I know... CRAZY lady! But I felt good and I need to teach my body who's boss! ;) 

So here is the second instalment to the 'What's for..." series! Going strong already, don't worry I got this! 

Last night I had my sister over and since we weren't really in the mood for a fancy dinner we (I!!) made an omelette. This morning I had left overs because you know, laziness and all. For breakfast I had a red pepper, yellow pepper, zucchini, onion and green bean omelette on quinoa toast with a side of much needed coffee and bananas! It was yummy and filling! Now if only I could just crawl back into bed... sigh. 

ALSO, my sister dragged me out shopping yesterday and I spent money I probably shouldn't have spent but hey it's almost my birthday so I'm treating myself (HA! I feel like I'm going to be using that line ALL month).  I got both these tops for under 10 bucks! They're my new workout shirts... I love that they're fun and motivating! Good Vibez ONLY people! 

Have a happy humpday! 



Whats for...

Oh long weekends, how I love you SO! 

Although today is our last day of the long weekend, I must say I had a wonderful weekend and I'm okay with it being over! A lot was done this weekend, plenty of family time, movies, friends and drinks... oh the drinks, my poor liver! Nonetheless, it was just a really good weekend and I wish I have more like these! I hope that all my fellow Canadians also had a good long weekend! 

SO, since I am on this new healthy lifestyle, (lets not forget that I am not drinking as often as I was, it is a weekend and social thing) I am thinking of starting a new series on my blog... We'll see how long that'll last, I'm not terribly good with the series thing. Lets note that Brent and I started our one picture a week series and it lasted from January to maybe March? Ha! I'm real consistent with these things! Anyways the series will be called "Whats for..." it'll be about what I'm having for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I think it's more of a little log as to what different foods I make and eat so that if I ever just don't know what to make I can come on here and check er' out! For all my followers (if any) I hope you don't mind the food series and lets hope I can keep it up!

Here's the first post!

What's for lunch?

Since today feels like a Sunday and in the P.S residence we have lazy Sundays, we had left overs for lunch! Brent doesn't like what I ate so he just had a sandwich and leftover potatoes, broccoli and green beans! My meal was pretty simple, extremely filling and super yummy! 

My salad contained, cucumbers, yellow peppers, a cut up homemade turkey burger and yummy Roasted Tomato salad dressing! Toss it all together and there ya go, something simple and delicious! I know that Salad dressing is a big no no in the extremely HEALTHY community but I am NOT a salad eater and I have come a very long way in the whole salad deal. The only way I can actually eat a salad without feeling like I am a cow chewing on the same piece of grass is with a little something something in there to spice it up! 

There you have it folks, the first Whats For post... wasn't it extremely interesting and fun? I hope all of you have a wonderful Monday and an even better week! Life is good. Embrace each and every day! I can't stress it enough!