Good Morning! 

It rained all night and thundered, so you can bet I pressed the snooze alarm this morning because I can. I decided to give myself a day off from a 6am wake up. 

Lately, I have to admit I have been really hard on myself. A few of my friendships have faltered in the last few years and I've taken it hard, when I say hard I mean really hard. Ask those who are close to me, they know (sorry guys!). Last week, I was having one of my especially bad days and called my best friend and honestly she gave me the BEST wake up call I have ever received. We're on the phone and I'm giving her my typical "what's wrong with me?" "am I a bad person" wahh wahh poor me talks and she stops me and says, "you know what your problem is? You care WAY to much, you need to get the eff over it and start focusing on YOU." 

I have to say that what she said shook me to my core, I no longer feel sorry for myself and I've been making major changes. I am focusing on ME now, I am taking care of my body, my health and MY happiness. And you know what, it's been going great! Changing my perspectives and just trying to be more positive and literally not caring about stupid crap, has made me so much happier. 

This may be just a quick fix but I think that if I just try to care a little more about me and a little less about everyone around me, maybe I'll be a healthier me which will make it easier for those who are all around me. 

So I've dubbed myself as a little more selfish and I think thats fair and I hope that anyone who is close to me and reads this understands, I need to be a healthier me to be a better friend to you! 

Gimena, thanks for always being there for me and for always telling me exactly what I need to hear... dude you rock and I love you. 

Have a great hump day... it's almost the weekend yay! 


  1. I am glad that my blunt advice helped you and I'm very happy for you all we need is one another against this world and we will be great :) love you to hubba xo

    1. love you like crazy girl! You my main (wo)man! xoxo