lets be frank

Oh hello hello! 

On my quest to become more selfish, (HA! I think that sounds so awful!) I have turned to focusing more on me. I am taking care of my skin, my body, my health and my happiness. It's all about me up in here! And let me tell ya  all about what I've been finding on the internets to help better myself (and yourself too!) 

I found Frank on instagram, while I was just creeping around... I find that I'm doing that more and more often these days, its kinda gotta stop. Anyways, I placed an order on this "incredible, unbelievable etc." body scrub and got it a few days later, very quick FREE shipping (i'm impatient and cheap so I obviously loved that). I've only used it once and I swear to baby kittens that my skin is instantly softer, I notice a very slight fade in the little stretch marks I have but I believe that after more than one use I'll start noticing real change! It smells so delicious and its super super messy but it's so much fun! You can read all about this awesome (and cheap!) product HERE

I've got to say that I really love how they're marketing their product... 

Get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean

I love the dirtiness and naughtiness, sex really does sell! Of course I took a shower picture covered in the the scrub and because I was feeling extra naughty, I even sent Brent a PG but still sexy picture! Can I get a woop woop! Here's to making myself happy and more confident in my body! Girls, let me tell ya focusing on you and your health really does make all the difference. 


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