Big Music Fest

Last weekend, Brent and I went to my first rock concert and it was awesome!! 

Kitchener held its first 'Big Music Fest' which about 25,000 people attended, it was huge! It was a whole weekend deal but we only attended on Sunday because Slash would be there (of course). 

The morning started off rainy and I was worried we would be out in the rain all day but mother nature must love music because the day cleared up and it was gorgeous.  We had VIP tickets (we're big deals like that) and had a pretty decent view of the stage and easy access to the beer. 

One thing I absolutely loved was that it was all raw talent. I mean you go to pop concerts and you can usually tell when there is lip singing and it usually all computerized music, with Rock and Roll its just not like that, they're actually playing those instruments and actually singing those songs. 

Watching all the musicians, Kim Mitchell, Big Reck, Slash and Aerosmith, was unreal. I mean watching Slash play the guitar was flippen amazing! If you guys could've seen Brent's face, it was priceless. He was watching his guitar god up on stage just rocking out, it was like a little kid on christmas morning. I was so happy I could be there to see it, it truly was great to see how pumped he was. 

Also, Can I just add that Steven Tyler, is kind of a great human being? I mean the dude is weird, but its like a good weird. The man knows how to put on a show, he was very very entertaining to watch. We were told that he has been losing his voice lately and not singing really well but man did he bring it. He sang great and was just so fun to watch! 

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend! I'm looking forward to this weekend haha it's only a day away! I got a long weekend which is pretty awesome, I wonder what kind of stuff Brent and I will get up too! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Brent wanted to take a nice close up of me... I think it turned out alright haha! 

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