Good afternoon my lovelies! 

Man today has flown by! I've been in a really good mood ALL day and I love it. I've recently been so sad and crappy its SO nice to finally start feeling like myself again! 

SO on July 14th I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide! I've been eyeing this Guide for the LONGEST time, I mean like months! I just couldn't justify spending the $120 it takes to buy the thing. Alas I did buy it (for cheaper... ha) and I can't stress enough how amazing I have been feeling! I'm half way through week three and finally feeling energized, stronger and I'm seeing progress in my body! After only THREE weeks! It's actually amazing, I feel better than ever and truly believe if I am this happy at three weeks by week 12 I will be over the moon. 

For the last year I've been yo-yoing with my lifestyle. I'll eat really healthy and "clean" for a couple of months and then fall right back into the junk food and lazy lifestyle. Last year I was on a role with "clean" eating for a few months and I was losing A LOT of weight. I'm already a petite girl and the last thing I really needed was to be losing more weight! I had my wisdom teeth surgery, which caused a horrible breakout in canker sores (we're talking 13 all at the same time, SO BAD) and so, I lost even more weight! I lost about 10lbs in total and was weighing about 95lbs... which in my eyes is just no good at all! Once I was finally able to eat again the LAST thing I wanted was healthy food, it's like being deprived of any type of food that wasn't soup or jello had caused me to go into an all out junk food frenzy. Let's just say that cheeseburgers were regulars in my diet! 

Fast forward to a year later and although I was eating kind of healthy I was still heavily incorporating fast food into my diet. Lets please note that although I do recognize that I am skinny, I was not being healthy and my body was showing it. I don't gain weight easily and have been a steady 105lbs since I regained the weight I lost post surgery but I was noticing changes in my body and I did not like them one bit. 

Purchasing this BBG (Bikini Body Guide) has taught me how to eat healthy without being ridiculous about it, GUYS YOU CAN STILL EAT CARBS! I am eating so much (healthy) food and feeling constantly satisfied and I'm still not reaching the desired servings you should have per day! The workouts are hard but I love them, they're constantly different which doesn't get me bored and I kid you not I get a little excited before my workouts because I know they're going to make me feel good! 

I'm only on week three, even though I am feeling far more confident and I am SO happy about my results, I only want to post my progress photos at the half way point and end! I'm telling ALL of my friends and family about this new guide because I am truly truly so happy about it! I will keep you posted about my fitness journey! 

Even though I am following this guide pretty strictly, I have not completely given up my beloved fast food and alcohol. I only allow myself ONE extremely unhealthy meal a week and I continue to have an occasional drink... I want to create a healthy lifestyle but still live my life without too many restrictions!

If you are also on this program please comment below! I would love to hear all about it! 

Happy Hump Day friends! 


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