Good afternoon my lovelies! 

Man today has flown by! I've been in a really good mood ALL day and I love it. I've recently been so sad and crappy its SO nice to finally start feeling like myself again! 

SO on July 14th I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide! I've been eyeing this Guide for the LONGEST time, I mean like months! I just couldn't justify spending the $120 it takes to buy the thing. Alas I did buy it (for cheaper... ha) and I can't stress enough how amazing I have been feeling! I'm half way through week three and finally feeling energized, stronger and I'm seeing progress in my body! After only THREE weeks! It's actually amazing, I feel better than ever and truly believe if I am this happy at three weeks by week 12 I will be over the moon. 

For the last year I've been yo-yoing with my lifestyle. I'll eat really healthy and "clean" for a couple of months and then fall right back into the junk food and lazy lifestyle. Last year I was on a role with "clean" eating for a few months and I was losing A LOT of weight. I'm already a petite girl and the last thing I really needed was to be losing more weight! I had my wisdom teeth surgery, which caused a horrible breakout in canker sores (we're talking 13 all at the same time, SO BAD) and so, I lost even more weight! I lost about 10lbs in total and was weighing about 95lbs... which in my eyes is just no good at all! Once I was finally able to eat again the LAST thing I wanted was healthy food, it's like being deprived of any type of food that wasn't soup or jello had caused me to go into an all out junk food frenzy. Let's just say that cheeseburgers were regulars in my diet! 

Fast forward to a year later and although I was eating kind of healthy I was still heavily incorporating fast food into my diet. Lets please note that although I do recognize that I am skinny, I was not being healthy and my body was showing it. I don't gain weight easily and have been a steady 105lbs since I regained the weight I lost post surgery but I was noticing changes in my body and I did not like them one bit. 

Purchasing this BBG (Bikini Body Guide) has taught me how to eat healthy without being ridiculous about it, GUYS YOU CAN STILL EAT CARBS! I am eating so much (healthy) food and feeling constantly satisfied and I'm still not reaching the desired servings you should have per day! The workouts are hard but I love them, they're constantly different which doesn't get me bored and I kid you not I get a little excited before my workouts because I know they're going to make me feel good! 

I'm only on week three, even though I am feeling far more confident and I am SO happy about my results, I only want to post my progress photos at the half way point and end! I'm telling ALL of my friends and family about this new guide because I am truly truly so happy about it! I will keep you posted about my fitness journey! 

Even though I am following this guide pretty strictly, I have not completely given up my beloved fast food and alcohol. I only allow myself ONE extremely unhealthy meal a week and I continue to have an occasional drink... I want to create a healthy lifestyle but still live my life without too many restrictions!

If you are also on this program please comment below! I would love to hear all about it! 

Happy Hump Day friends! 



lets be frank

Oh hello hello! 

On my quest to become more selfish, (HA! I think that sounds so awful!) I have turned to focusing more on me. I am taking care of my skin, my body, my health and my happiness. It's all about me up in here! And let me tell ya  all about what I've been finding on the internets to help better myself (and yourself too!) 

I found Frank on instagram, while I was just creeping around... I find that I'm doing that more and more often these days, its kinda gotta stop. Anyways, I placed an order on this "incredible, unbelievable etc." body scrub and got it a few days later, very quick FREE shipping (i'm impatient and cheap so I obviously loved that). I've only used it once and I swear to baby kittens that my skin is instantly softer, I notice a very slight fade in the little stretch marks I have but I believe that after more than one use I'll start noticing real change! It smells so delicious and its super super messy but it's so much fun! You can read all about this awesome (and cheap!) product HERE

I've got to say that I really love how they're marketing their product... 

Get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean

I love the dirtiness and naughtiness, sex really does sell! Of course I took a shower picture covered in the the scrub and because I was feeling extra naughty, I even sent Brent a PG but still sexy picture! Can I get a woop woop! Here's to making myself happy and more confident in my body! Girls, let me tell ya focusing on you and your health really does make all the difference. 




Good Morning! 

It rained all night and thundered, so you can bet I pressed the snooze alarm this morning because I can. I decided to give myself a day off from a 6am wake up. 

Lately, I have to admit I have been really hard on myself. A few of my friendships have faltered in the last few years and I've taken it hard, when I say hard I mean really hard. Ask those who are close to me, they know (sorry guys!). Last week, I was having one of my especially bad days and called my best friend and honestly she gave me the BEST wake up call I have ever received. We're on the phone and I'm giving her my typical "what's wrong with me?" "am I a bad person" wahh wahh poor me talks and she stops me and says, "you know what your problem is? You care WAY to much, you need to get the eff over it and start focusing on YOU." 

I have to say that what she said shook me to my core, I no longer feel sorry for myself and I've been making major changes. I am focusing on ME now, I am taking care of my body, my health and MY happiness. And you know what, it's been going great! Changing my perspectives and just trying to be more positive and literally not caring about stupid crap, has made me so much happier. 

This may be just a quick fix but I think that if I just try to care a little more about me and a little less about everyone around me, maybe I'll be a healthier me which will make it easier for those who are all around me. 

So I've dubbed myself as a little more selfish and I think thats fair and I hope that anyone who is close to me and reads this understands, I need to be a healthier me to be a better friend to you! 

Gimena, thanks for always being there for me and for always telling me exactly what I need to hear... dude you rock and I love you. 

Have a great hump day... it's almost the weekend yay! 


Big Music Fest

Last weekend, Brent and I went to my first rock concert and it was awesome!! 

Kitchener held its first 'Big Music Fest' which about 25,000 people attended, it was huge! It was a whole weekend deal but we only attended on Sunday because Slash would be there (of course). 

The morning started off rainy and I was worried we would be out in the rain all day but mother nature must love music because the day cleared up and it was gorgeous.  We had VIP tickets (we're big deals like that) and had a pretty decent view of the stage and easy access to the beer. 

One thing I absolutely loved was that it was all raw talent. I mean you go to pop concerts and you can usually tell when there is lip singing and it usually all computerized music, with Rock and Roll its just not like that, they're actually playing those instruments and actually singing those songs. 

Watching all the musicians, Kim Mitchell, Big Reck, Slash and Aerosmith, was unreal. I mean watching Slash play the guitar was flippen amazing! If you guys could've seen Brent's face, it was priceless. He was watching his guitar god up on stage just rocking out, it was like a little kid on christmas morning. I was so happy I could be there to see it, it truly was great to see how pumped he was. 

Also, Can I just add that Steven Tyler, is kind of a great human being? I mean the dude is weird, but its like a good weird. The man knows how to put on a show, he was very very entertaining to watch. We were told that he has been losing his voice lately and not singing really well but man did he bring it. He sang great and was just so fun to watch! 

All in all, we had a wonderful weekend! I'm looking forward to this weekend haha it's only a day away! I got a long weekend which is pretty awesome, I wonder what kind of stuff Brent and I will get up too! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

Brent wanted to take a nice close up of me... I think it turned out alright haha! 


Ipsy glam bag

Hello Friends! 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a great one, there was a lot of time spent with friends, family and a few rockstars! I'll be posting about that later on, now I want to talk to you about Ipsy. 

I just signed up and I am SO excited. Ipsy is a company that sends you monthly makeup bags filled with 4-5 sample or regular sized makeup products. I am so pumped because I usually only find what works for me and stick with it, so I'm excited to get the opportunity to try a bunch of different products for a price that I can deal with, it's only $15 a month, with shipping to Canada! 

At first I started looking into BirchBox, I have them on twitter and was pretty excited to try it out but then I saw it only ships to the US and thats a total bummer! I googled companies that do the same and I found Ipsy, but I'm pretty positive my friends cousin had mentioned something about this company wayyy back in December! So I'm glad I finally jumped the gun and did it! 

I will absolutely be posting about my first Glam Bag which will arrive sometime in August. I have been checking out what people have received in previous months and I have got to say it looks promising, not to mention they have received raving reviews! 

If you would like to look into it or sign up, please use my page! The more people I can get to sign up, the more rewards I get! Which means free products! I love it! You can check it out here


today just isn't my day

Earlier this year I went on a mission, a mission to find happiness in my life. I won't sit here and tell you I'm happy every day because I'm not. Life throws you curveballs, it grows to be mundane and sometimes you just have one of those crummy bad days. But I can tell you I do have a beautiful life and I try to remind myself that every day. 

Today, is one of those days… I'm feeling lousy, sad, defeated and I have absolutely no reason to feel like this. It's okay though, I truly believe that everyone is entitled to days like this where you just want to crawl into bed, watch Netflix all day and just hope that tomorrow will be a better day! 

I know my life is a good one, I have a beautiful family, an amazing boyfriend and some really great friends. Maybe, it's the whole "wake up in the morning, go to work, come home, sleep and do it all over again the next day" that's getting to me, who knows. All I know is that today is not my day and my emotions are all over the place. Side note: I was just watching 'I found the gown' and just bawled because the girl found her gown… What in the world is wrong with me?! Now, I'm thinking I'm just ridiculous… I continue to amaze myself with how silly I can be. 

So to end this little pointless babbel, the picture above is just a reminder that your happiness has to come within, not just by putting on a show on the outside. I know I always post happy pictures and posts because I do try to keep my blog a happier place for myself but sometimes I need to remind myself that we all have bad days and it's okay, it doesn't mean I'm unhappy. 

To all of you who are having a bad day, just mope it out (I know I am), let yourself be sad and wallow in your misery but tomorrow you better pick yourself up, look at yourself in the mirror and say "Life is good." Because it really is. 

Life is good Kathy Paulo, just keep reminding yourself. 



Hello Friends! 
Here's a little update as to what I've been up to lately... Because we all know how much everyone cares right?! ;) 

Last week my little triangle was reunited and I have to say, it felt SO good. The three of us haven't had any together time in so long, it was nice to finally find time to hang out! Gimena moved to Toronto, so Catina and I drove down to check out her new place and have a lovely lunch together. Words cannot express how I happy I that day, I was bursting at the seams with excitement! I hadn't seen Mena in three weeks and lord knows thats an eternity for us! I definitely need to find more time to see these two girls, we live such busy lives and I hate when we go so long without seeing each other. One thing I can honestly say I appreciate is the fact that no matter how much time actually passes by I can honestly say that when we're together its like no time has passed. That is a true friendship and I love them both dearly for it.

Over the weekend, Brent and I decided to pay Niagara Falls a visit for a fun day trip! Netherlands was playing against Costa Rica, so we thought it would be fun to change up our scenery and watch the game there! We ended up spending the night and being joined by my parents! It was so much fun, Brent and I have never gone away with just my parents, so it was nice to spend some time with them and enjoy their company! Family means so much to me and seeing how well my parents and Brent get along makes me so happy. I have amazing parents and an amazing boyfriend. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too and I hope that this week is really good to you! 


Hello friends and Happy Canada Day! 

I hope you have all enjoyed this lovely holiday! I spent it working all day, can't really complain though, I had a very long weekend and still had a pretty decent day! 

Over the weekend I finally got to see my Tburg boys! It has been a while since I had hung out with any of them, Brent doesn't count. ;) I got my favourite guys all weekend and it was awesome (read that "awesome" as Cecily Strong would say it) 

Friday, we had a little BBQ and got pretty drunk! Like I said, it's been a while and it was SO fun! Saturday, we went golfing... last time we went golfing I hated my life and vowed to never do it again, we fricken walked the whole course and obviously it was awful! This time though, we got the golf cart and holy crap it was awesome! I have never driven a golf cart, so as you can imagine it was pretty fun once I got the hang of it. But letting those boys drive, you're just asking for trouble haha

Of course once Sunday came rolling around we had a funday! We watched the Netherlands game and they won, yay! Side note: I am only cheering for them because obviously Portugal is out! After the game, Brent, Cale and I went fishing! It was my first time and it was definitely alright lol a little boring at first but I can see why people can enjoy it! Just get me a few drinks and it would be just that much better! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I know I sure did. I hope my summer stays this great! Weekends make me so so happy! 

Night ya'll!