weekend buys

On the weekend, after we checked out all the bridal stores we decided to hit up the mall! I haven't been shopping for myself much lately because I really want to be saving for other things. My mom convinced me that its okay to splurge on myself every once in a while! So I did just that! 

While I was paying the cashier at Forever 21, she and I began a conversation which led to a discount. Here's the jist of it. Because I was in my boyfriends sisters wedding, because I lived with him and because we are dating for 4.5 years, this lovely cashier gave me a "you go girl!" and "You're a part of the family!" yell! I'm not even kidding her excitement was there. So, all for striking up a conversation this wonderful cashier gave me the friends and family discount! Original receipt $38, I paid $32! It's not much but it definitely made me happy and it was a great story to tell! I just love friendly people! 

Bought this sweater at Vanity for $1.50, YES! A DOLLAR FIFTY. Jeans are from Abercombie... No, not abercrombie and fitch, just abercrombie... you know, the kids one? I'm a size 16 there, so there's that. 

Growing up watching Looney Tunes, I saw this shirt and it was a must have! Got it at Forever 21.

I went on a bit of a T shirt bender, I love my plain T's they're comfy and just easy to wear. Definitely my go to, all the above are Forever 21. 

Of course, what would I do without a plain white T. Got this one at Target! 

Nothing to exciting as you may see but new is new to me and I'm a happy gal! Have a fabulous Tuesday friends! 

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