take 2

Early last week, Brent and I took a mini two day vacation to Collingwood, ON. Since the last time we decided to visit this beautiful town we both got sick with the absolute worst cold we have ever had, we thought we could give it another go and actually stay in the Blue Mountains village. We went away to celebrate Brent getting a new job, yay Brent! It was such a nice get away, I don't remember the last time that just the two of us went away. Brent and I have always been the type of people who liked to get away, we have visited numerous cities in Canada and we even did a Eurotrip a couple of years ago. Lately, we haven't really had any time to travel or even afford it, so its nice to know that now he's getting weekends off and we will actually have the time (and funds) to start going away again! We had a wonderful time with each other before he started a 'big kid' job and I'm SO glad he convinced me to go! I love that man like a crazy woman loves her 100 cats! 

Thanks for being amazing babe. 

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