big girl

This morning I woke up and felt victorious! I spent the night alone, well technically only until 4am but still. I was alone when I went to bed and you know what? That is a great big accomplishment for little ol' me!

You see, I am famous amongst my friends and family for being a scaredy Kat (see what I did there?), no seriously, it's bad. I have the worst rep because my fears are so big, scary movies? Hell no. Walking dead, NOPE. Darkness and all alone, HA I laugh in your face. No part of me deals well with anything scary. Don't tell me ghost stories or I won't sleep for days. And if I accidentally watch a scary movie trailer on TV, lord help me I'll be looking over my shoulder, positive that a ghost or killer is lurking behind me.

When Brent said he would be working the occasional nights, I have to tell ya I was worried. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through the night. Alas, I did and guess what I wasn't even scared… Maybe just a little bit but thats okay! I still felt really good about myself in the morning and I was pretty relaxed! You see sometimes you gotta face your fears ladies and gents. All it takes is jumping right in and saying "I can do this!" Because you totally can!

Ha! I love how being alone is my great accomplishment for the week, if yours tops mine congrats! I am proud of you too!

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