weekend buys

On the weekend, after we checked out all the bridal stores we decided to hit up the mall! I haven't been shopping for myself much lately because I really want to be saving for other things. My mom convinced me that its okay to splurge on myself every once in a while! So I did just that! 

While I was paying the cashier at Forever 21, she and I began a conversation which led to a discount. Here's the jist of it. Because I was in my boyfriends sisters wedding, because I lived with him and because we are dating for 4.5 years, this lovely cashier gave me a "you go girl!" and "You're a part of the family!" yell! I'm not even kidding her excitement was there. So, all for striking up a conversation this wonderful cashier gave me the friends and family discount! Original receipt $38, I paid $32! It's not much but it definitely made me happy and it was a great story to tell! I just love friendly people! 

Bought this sweater at Vanity for $1.50, YES! A DOLLAR FIFTY. Jeans are from Abercombie... No, not abercrombie and fitch, just abercrombie... you know, the kids one? I'm a size 16 there, so there's that. 

Growing up watching Looney Tunes, I saw this shirt and it was a must have! Got it at Forever 21.

I went on a bit of a T shirt bender, I love my plain T's they're comfy and just easy to wear. Definitely my go to, all the above are Forever 21. 

Of course, what would I do without a plain white T. Got this one at Target! 

Nothing to exciting as you may see but new is new to me and I'm a happy gal! Have a fabulous Tuesday friends! 


Hey friends!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, I sure did! This weekend, Brents sister, sister in law, his sisters friend and I headed over to Michigan to do a little bridesmaid dress shopping! I have never had the chance to be a part of the process and I have to say it was pretty fun! Looking at all the dresses was such a treat, we saw some beautiful ones and some hideous ones! It was definitely a neat experience, we have some front runners but no for sure winners yet!

Being a part of a wedding process is super exciting, I have been planning my own wedding since I was in the womb (I'm not even kidding). So, it is such an honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid and to actually sit front and centre of the whole process. I never knew how much detail and little things that you have in weddings and how easily it can all add up. I can honestly say it's an eye opening experience! 

I hope you have a happy Monday and a great week! 


big girl

This morning I woke up and felt victorious! I spent the night alone, well technically only until 4am but still. I was alone when I went to bed and you know what? That is a great big accomplishment for little ol' me!

You see, I am famous amongst my friends and family for being a scaredy Kat (see what I did there?), no seriously, it's bad. I have the worst rep because my fears are so big, scary movies? Hell no. Walking dead, NOPE. Darkness and all alone, HA I laugh in your face. No part of me deals well with anything scary. Don't tell me ghost stories or I won't sleep for days. And if I accidentally watch a scary movie trailer on TV, lord help me I'll be looking over my shoulder, positive that a ghost or killer is lurking behind me.

When Brent said he would be working the occasional nights, I have to tell ya I was worried. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it through the night. Alas, I did and guess what I wasn't even scared… Maybe just a little bit but thats okay! I still felt really good about myself in the morning and I was pretty relaxed! You see sometimes you gotta face your fears ladies and gents. All it takes is jumping right in and saying "I can do this!" Because you totally can!

Ha! I love how being alone is my great accomplishment for the week, if yours tops mine congrats! I am proud of you too!


I am sitting here with the most earth shattering cramps in the world. My god, it has been years since I have felt this excruciating pain. I mean I feel like there is someone inside of my body grabbing my insides and twisting them, all while they have an evil grin on their face. 

But this post isn't actually going to be about my cramps, I mean TMI? Whatever, anyways I am cuddled on the couch finishing this episode of house and feeling extra emotional (ohhh those darn hormones!) I haven't really seen Brent much these last two weeks, that's what work and different schedules does to ya. Next week, we'll be back to normal and I am oh so excited about it, I truly miss the guy, talking on the phone just doesn't cut it! 

Wow, this post has completely veered off topic, ha! I truly am my mothers daughter, anyways whenever I have this uber emotional mood I turn to my all time favourite movie "Midnight in Paris". Please don't ask me why, I honestly couldn't tell you. This movie is just so dreamy and it always makes me instantly happier. I'll give ya a tiny run down about it, a writer has hit a writers block and as he's struggling to figure out what he's wants to do, he's also engaged to a woman who doesn't really understand him. After a night of drinking he takes to Paris streets and roams around, once the clock strikes midnight he is approached by a vintage black car and is somehow transported back in time to the roaring 20s. He's then greeted by an array of famous writers and artists, like Picasso and Ernest Hemmingway. 

It goes on and on and on, so I won't bore you with the details but anyone who knows me, knows that I am a lover of the past and this movie is so dreamy and romantic and just makes you want to live in paris in the 20s, I mean those headbands and dresses. My goodness, not to mention how much fun they look like they're having. It is definitely a movie worth watching! 

I am now going to leave the comfort of my couch for the comfort of my bed and throwing this movie on, if you've got netflix I strongly suggest you watch it! Have a great night friends! 

sister sister

Around here Brent has been working some night shifts and to keep me from being completely alone for the hours he is gone, my baby sister has been sleeping over and hanging out. 

If you would've told me six years ago that my sister and I would hang out regularly and be best friends, I would have looked at you like you were an alien with six heads. She and I are four years apart, so growing up she was definitely a baby to me. She followed me and my friends everywhere, wanted to do everything I did and it was beyond annoying. Once I made it to high school we drifted apart completely. I obviously always loved her and would be there for her when she needed it but I was at an age where I knew better than everyone around me, she was an annoyance I couldn't even handle and I was just a snobby teenager. Boy, am I glad that I grew out of that stage. 

As we have grown up and matured, we have become so undeniably close and I wouldn't change it for the world. My sister is my second half (aside from Brent of course) she listens to me when I need her and she definitely can make me laugh pretty darn hard. She has grown into such a beautiful woman, it makes me all misty eyed seeing how happy she is! She has matured in ways that at her age I never did and it makes me so proud that a bit of her personality is definitely me. Side note for mitch: I am NOT talking about her "princess" ways here ;)

Thank you Pip, for being here for me, for supporting me and for being the best little sister a girl could ask for! I love you to the moon and back xo.

Ps. This beautiful picture was taken a few years ago by my amazing cousin, she is a wicked photographer and you should definitely check out her work here! Thanks Crestina, you rock! 


World Cup 2014

The games have finally begun. 

I have been looking forward to the World Cup since the day the Euro Cup ended. It's difficult describing how proud I am when I see my country's best men out on the field, trying their damn hardest to get the ball in. 

I get anxious, sweaty, knots in my stomach and when I see an amazing pass, goosebumps. 

I will admit I am a bit of a 'bandwagon' soccer watcher, when it's any other cup it doesn't nearly excite me as much as when countries go head to head. But isn't it more fun to watch our countries fight to see who's number one?  I think it's unbelievably amazing to see how united we get when those 90 minutes are on the screen, when our team wins and even when our team loses.  

Remember when Canada played the United States back at the Vancouver Winter Olympics? When everyone was at the edge of their seats, needing and praying for them to score and remember when Canada won? Everyone took it to the streets and celebrated. That is the BEST way I can describe how I feel about the World Cup. The best part though, is that we feel that exact excitement during every single game our team plays and man when we win it's the best damn thing in the world. Even if it's in the first round! ;) 

So, to all my fellow soccer lovers, my bandwagon watchers and my lovely Portuguese.  I wish your teams all the best... But I really hope Portugal kicks all of your asses! 

take 2

Early last week, Brent and I took a mini two day vacation to Collingwood, ON. Since the last time we decided to visit this beautiful town we both got sick with the absolute worst cold we have ever had, we thought we could give it another go and actually stay in the Blue Mountains village. We went away to celebrate Brent getting a new job, yay Brent! It was such a nice get away, I don't remember the last time that just the two of us went away. Brent and I have always been the type of people who liked to get away, we have visited numerous cities in Canada and we even did a Eurotrip a couple of years ago. Lately, we haven't really had any time to travel or even afford it, so its nice to know that now he's getting weekends off and we will actually have the time (and funds) to start going away again! We had a wonderful time with each other before he started a 'big kid' job and I'm SO glad he convinced me to go! I love that man like a crazy woman loves her 100 cats! 

Thanks for being amazing babe. 


Run or Dye

Last weekend, I finished my first ever 5K run! My sister, best friend and I got up at 5:30am, to make our way down to Toronto to register ourselves and prep for the day! It was such a fun environment, there was music blasting everywhere and you could just tell it was going to be a good day. Once we finally got to running it was a pretty decent course, we ran through a lot of forest. I'd say it was a challenge but since I had so much fun and the whole thing ended so quickly, I can't say it was but I can say it was an accomplishment! I felt so proud of myself once I crossed that finish line. Being healthy and active is something I deal terribly with, I am a lazy girl and I have a love for food. So, being able to say I actually (half) trained and actually pulled through the whole 5k makes me extremely happy! 

I hope you all have had a wonderful week! Only two more days till the weekend, we can do it! 


Hey everyone! 

I hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend, so sad that it is already Sunday but I still have another two days off so I can't really complain! 

This weekend was a pretty busy one! Friday we had a party with a few of our friends, Saturday was Brent's mommas big birthday party and today we had my godsons communion! It was a weekend filled with family and friends, it's weekends like these that I want to keep forever. 

We didn't take to many pictures this weekend, only a few at the birthday party and I got to spend some time with Brents nephew Bradley. Let me tell you, that kid has me wrapped around his little chubby finger! My love for him is SO big its insane, I spent most of the birthday party playing with him and his giggles get me every. single. time. There is something about baby giggles that just warms my heart, I hope that when I have kids (in a long, long, long, LONG time) that I will hear little giggles like that ALL the time. 

Tomorrow Brent and I are going away for a night, we haven't gone away just the two of us in so long. I can't wait to just give each other our undivided attention! I will definitely be posting about that as soon as I can! I will be working on my video from my vacation today, it's been about a month so I guess I should get around to getting that done!

I hope you all have a lovely week, sending you all positive vibes and happiness! :) 

Happy Birthday Momma Swance xoxo