A few weeks ago I decided it was time to unplug. Now a days, I find that Brent and I are spending a LOT of time on our cellphones. I find that it has become an addiction, I'm constantly having the unnecessary need to look at it, its actually quite ridiculous. Anyways, we unplugged from our phones for a whole afternoon and it was awesome. We went for a very long walk around our town and when we got home since we didn't really have much fun stuff to do outside we headed indoors and made masks. 

To get Brent to jump on board with the whole crafting idea took a bit of effort but then I put my Portuguese big girl pants on and said we're doing this whether you like it or not. ;) He definitely had fun and we made some pretty wicked masks! 

We have turned our backyard into a "fun" backyard, recently we bought a huge badminton/volleyball set and my mom got Brent a basketball net for his belated birthday (almost two months belated... oh mom, I love ya). So we're trying to be more active, go for more runs, playing some basketball instead of watching TV. It's all about wanting the change and since we're both willing to do so, it's pretty good! I've got a good team member you guys. I love it.

Since that day we haven't really had another 'unplugged' day and we are due for one quite soon, I want it to happen more and more often. I hate being dependent on that stupid little piece of technology. 

I hope you all have a safe and happy Saturday! I just LOVE the weekends. 

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