Good morning everyone! 

Man, getting out of bed this morning was super hard. I usually get up between 6-6:30am but these last two days I have been trying to push the limits a bit. I've been overly exhausted lately and I honestly can't tell you why, I am so out of energy and lazy its unbelievable. Hopefully this weekend I can seriously catch up on all my z's. 

Enough of my complaining, I'm up now and trying to get my day started! Thank god its Friday!! So whats been going on lately at the Paulo-Swance residence? Well let me tell you! My beautiful cousin has gotten married, we have bought a badminton/volleyball set, a new basketball net and attended a Benfica Legends soccer game! 

Oh you heard that right WE attended a soccer game, I actually got my boyfriend (and his friend) to come watch a Portuguese soccer game! It wasn't a very good game but it was a fun one! It was retired famous soccer players playing in honour of Eusebio, who is a pretty big deal in Portugal. Alas, we lost which is okay, all we wanted to see was someone finally score! 

Here are some pictures of the wedding and soccer game! Hope you have a happy weekend! 

Blahhhh I can't tell you how I much I love them enough, I hit the jackpot when it comes to my parents! 

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