girls weekend

This past weekend was the BEST ever. No, seriously it really REALLY was. I have never had the chance to have a girls weekend in Niagara. So, naturally since it was my sisters 19th birthday, I found a reason to have one! My two Canadian ladies were in for it which was AWESOME but Pinky, my Jersey girl made it too... and that, that was the most exciting part. You see, Pinky and I go WAY back and since she lives in New Jersey, I don't really get to see her much! So her coming was SO special to me and especially Philipa (my sister). 

Anyways, we had a pretty eventful weekend! We ate out (A LOT, I'm not even mad), we partied hard and chilled hard too! Saturday night, Pinky and I were pretty exhausted from the little to no sleep that we had on Friday so we just stayed in. Brent had a friend over so the four of us drank a few drinks and get this, we played hide and seek in the DARK! It was so much fun! I remember playing it when I was younger, it was hilarious seeing all the spaces the guys could fit into and man my screaming (I'm terrified of the dark) was pretty funny too! 

I have to say that this weekend was so wonderful, May is looking pretty darn good! I have some exciting events coming up, so I am promising myself that I will be on here more. I need to get it together! I hope you all have a wonderful humpday! 

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