weekend fun

Oh weekends, you make me so happy. This weekend was so beautiful, so much sun I just wanted to be wrapped up in it. Brent and I literally spent all weekend outside! On Sunday we went for a nice long hike at Websters Falls. It's such a pretty hike, you get to see two different falls and a very high peak. I find it funny that I spend so much time dreaming about visiting other countries and places, that I seem to forget that there are very beautiful places close to my home.

 I really hope that this was just a little taste of what our summer will be like. I want to be out in nature, hiking, fishing (say what?!) and doing whatever activities we can find outside! After the crappy winter we had I am ready for some sun,sun, sun! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that Monday wasn't to hard on you! 

Have a great week! 



A few weeks ago I decided it was time to unplug. Now a days, I find that Brent and I are spending a LOT of time on our cellphones. I find that it has become an addiction, I'm constantly having the unnecessary need to look at it, its actually quite ridiculous. Anyways, we unplugged from our phones for a whole afternoon and it was awesome. We went for a very long walk around our town and when we got home since we didn't really have much fun stuff to do outside we headed indoors and made masks. 

To get Brent to jump on board with the whole crafting idea took a bit of effort but then I put my Portuguese big girl pants on and said we're doing this whether you like it or not. ;) He definitely had fun and we made some pretty wicked masks! 

We have turned our backyard into a "fun" backyard, recently we bought a huge badminton/volleyball set and my mom got Brent a basketball net for his belated birthday (almost two months belated... oh mom, I love ya). So we're trying to be more active, go for more runs, playing some basketball instead of watching TV. It's all about wanting the change and since we're both willing to do so, it's pretty good! I've got a good team member you guys. I love it.

Since that day we haven't really had another 'unplugged' day and we are due for one quite soon, I want it to happen more and more often. I hate being dependent on that stupid little piece of technology. 

I hope you all have a safe and happy Saturday! I just LOVE the weekends. 



Good morning everyone! 

Man, getting out of bed this morning was super hard. I usually get up between 6-6:30am but these last two days I have been trying to push the limits a bit. I've been overly exhausted lately and I honestly can't tell you why, I am so out of energy and lazy its unbelievable. Hopefully this weekend I can seriously catch up on all my z's. 

Enough of my complaining, I'm up now and trying to get my day started! Thank god its Friday!! So whats been going on lately at the Paulo-Swance residence? Well let me tell you! My beautiful cousin has gotten married, we have bought a badminton/volleyball set, a new basketball net and attended a Benfica Legends soccer game! 

Oh you heard that right WE attended a soccer game, I actually got my boyfriend (and his friend) to come watch a Portuguese soccer game! It wasn't a very good game but it was a fun one! It was retired famous soccer players playing in honour of Eusebio, who is a pretty big deal in Portugal. Alas, we lost which is okay, all we wanted to see was someone finally score! 

Here are some pictures of the wedding and soccer game! Hope you have a happy weekend! 

Blahhhh I can't tell you how I much I love them enough, I hit the jackpot when it comes to my parents! 


Oh hello there, its been a while! 

I know that when I got back from the cruise I was pretty adamant about blogging more often and trying to find my niche, but life has been pretty busy and we've been thrown one heck of a curveball. 

In the last few weeks we have been busy with work, a wedding, a communion, birthdays and unfortunately a funeral. 

A couple of weeks ago, Brents nine year old cousin passed away in a car accident. I have to admit it has thrown us a little off balance. It was a heart wrenching experience and my heart goes out to her parents and the rest of Brents family. She was a bright and vibrant little girl. Words cannot express how special she was and how heartbreaking it is that such a beautiful soul has gone to heaven.

It sucks when something crappy happens to those you love and when you don't really know what to do, say or even write because believe it or not, I am for once in my life at a loss for words for this post. All I can honestly say is appreciate those you love because life is short. 

So to all my lovely readers, your homework for tonight is to give all those people who you love extra big kisses, sappy texts or just tell them you love them. 

Have a good night friends! 

Rest in the sweetest peace Ainsley, you will be dearly missed xoxo


girls weekend

This past weekend was the BEST ever. No, seriously it really REALLY was. I have never had the chance to have a girls weekend in Niagara. So, naturally since it was my sisters 19th birthday, I found a reason to have one! My two Canadian ladies were in for it which was AWESOME but Pinky, my Jersey girl made it too... and that, that was the most exciting part. You see, Pinky and I go WAY back and since she lives in New Jersey, I don't really get to see her much! So her coming was SO special to me and especially Philipa (my sister). 

Anyways, we had a pretty eventful weekend! We ate out (A LOT, I'm not even mad), we partied hard and chilled hard too! Saturday night, Pinky and I were pretty exhausted from the little to no sleep that we had on Friday so we just stayed in. Brent had a friend over so the four of us drank a few drinks and get this, we played hide and seek in the DARK! It was so much fun! I remember playing it when I was younger, it was hilarious seeing all the spaces the guys could fit into and man my screaming (I'm terrified of the dark) was pretty funny too! 

I have to say that this weekend was so wonderful, May is looking pretty darn good! I have some exciting events coming up, so I am promising myself that I will be on here more. I need to get it together! I hope you all have a wonderful humpday!