Paulo Family Vacation 2014

Last Friday, my parents, uncle, sister, her boyfriend and I all hopped into the van and drove 24 hours straight to Tampa where we got on a boat and sailed the Gulf of Mexico. We visited  Georgetown, Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico. It was a wonderful, blissful 6 days of relaxation, food and a lot of alcohol. I had the time of my life. Although I had such a great time I was also so sad that Brent wasn't there to enjoy it with me, he was unable to come due to his job (which is totally understandable) but I can definitely say he was missed! It was nice to be with my family, there were times I  wanted to pull my hair out but I love them nonetheless. We Paulos are a LOUD bunch and poor Mitch got a good earful, we've never been the type to talk calmly we always just yell... It has to be a European thing. I won't be blogging all about the trip in one post I have decided to break it up because I have SO many pictures and a video that I still have to make! These pictures are from our iPhones so they're not that great quality! 

On our way home we split the drive into two, it was the longest two days ever! We drove a good 12 hours each day and it felt never ending.

Yesterday, when we finally pulled off the 401, into the truck stop and I saw Brents black Chrysler parked waiting for me tears came to my eyes. I was finally home. I am so happy to be back and with him, home really is where the heart is! So this weekend we're just going to enjoy each others company and see family and friends! I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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