Happy Birthday Momma

On Sunday, we celebrated my momma's birthday. It was a pretty great day! We had a few family members over for lunch and it was just so nice. I feel like I haven't been seeing much of my family since moving away, it becomes a little hard when you work full time. come home to cook and fall into the daily routine. So it was nice to finally break out of it and make time for those who matter most to me!! 

As a gift for my mom we decided that it's time for a family vacation, yay! Last week, we booked a 5 day cruise! We will be leaving on Friday, I love love love last minute vacations! It doesn't give you much time to really "count down" but enough time to look for to it! It's safe to say we're all pretty excited for it! 

I can't wait to spend time with the fam, relax and have a drink in my hand! It's going to be fun! :)

Happy Birthday Momma, 
you are my best friend and just the best dang mom there is. I would be lost without you! 

I love you!

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