early mornings

Early mornings were never really my thing, I enjoy my sleep way to much. Since I moved out I live about a half an hour away from my parents, so I need to wake up just a little bit earlier to get to work on time. My internal clock has chosen 6:30 am. It may not sound like much but for someone who was the queen of sleeping in, 6:30am is pretty darn early! 

I cannot complain about it though, in the hour that I give myself to get ready, eat and head to work, it's all a little peaceful. I have no one to talk to, so I just think. I sit with my coffee and breakfast and literally just reflect on how I would like my day to be, on what I need to do and on how truly lucky I am. 

I feel like I have been a complainer these last few weeks and I hate it. I literally have no reasons to complain, I am healthy and I AM happy. What more could I seriously want? I believe that we are in a society that just allows us to complain about every little thing. Go on twitter and look at the hashtag #firstworldproblems and there you go, a million complaints about stuff that really isn't that bad. 

Why is it that we find the bad in every little thing instead of the good? I mean I admit I am one to do it, but I just don't get why I do it. I want to start living my life for the better. Who cares if my phone is dying, who cares if I don't have money to go shopping. Those are all things that don't even matter! 

I guess all that I am saying is that sometimes you need to take a step back and really take a good hard look at your life and realize it's really not that bad. You've got it good. Life is such a beautiful gift and we need to embrace it, make the best of it. If we don't no one else will do it for us! 

So, those are my early morning thoughts for today! I bid you all a happy Wednesday, we're half way there ladies and gents! Have a great day :) 

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