Yesterday my friends was a very special day! My main squeeze turned twenty five! Twenty five, you guys! He's half way to 50 now!! 

I met Brent when he was 20, so you can imagine how crazy I think it is that he has now turned 25! Time has literally flown by and there is no one is this world I'd rather have them fly with!

This year Brent had a few requests for his special day, he wanted to see family, eat some good food, meet up with friends and drink beers. I can say that all of those were accomplished! Since this year we're now living together, I wanted to have a little surprise for him in the morning! I made his favourite muffins, banana chocolate chip, and bought him a couple of shirts and a spiderman balloon. 

The big surprise though was tickets to Big Music Fest! We get to go in July and we'll be seeing Aerosmith and Slash! I'm pretty excited for my first rock concert... that'll be a doozy! 

Hooray, for another birthday! Here's to another year filled with happiness, health and lots of love! 

Also, today my old man turned 52 and gosh I love him to death, I am a huge daddy's girl. My dad is just the kind of man that I know Brent will be to his kids. He's so loving and kind, a little annoying but lets be real, what dad isn't? I just love him so much!

My mom and I often talk about how my dad and Brent are very much alike, maybe its because their birthdays are a day apart, they're the same sign (it's ridiculous that I'm even going there, I know) but seriously... My dad is such a good husband to my mom, he's so caring, respectful and loving and I am just so blessed that my boyfriend is the exact same when it comes to being a good "hubby". 

I am just so lucky and it makes me really happy that I have these two men in my life! I hope that everyone has a fun weekend, I know that I will :)

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