My, my, my What an adventure this week has been! 

I know I have been pretty MIA from the blog lately, a lot of things in life have come up and I just haven't really been thinking about this little corner of mine. I promise, that is all about to change, I just need to get back into it! 

Last Saturday, I left for my first S-Trip as a Trip Leader. This new experience was a horribly amazing one. I find it difficult to explain what it was like because it is an experience you need to have to truly understand. It was awful in so many ways but extremely amazing in others. I have made many new friendships, learned MANY new things and I truly believe it has helped me grow as a person. 

As a Trip Leader you encounter many situations, you are faced with many decisions some difficult and others not. My patience was tested and I can say I did crack under the pressure of it but I regained myself and made the best out of this experience. 

Dealing with drunk people is always difficult, throw in emotions and whatever else a teenager goes through and it can be just mayhem. Yet, I learned so many new things... I actually can control my temper, I can deal with extremely difficult situations calmly, I can be a shoulder for someone to cry on and most importantly I CAN do anything I set my mind too. 

After my first day I was already ready to call it quits, when you and a group of 15 are in charge of about 400 or so students it becomes pretty stressful but today I can honestly say I would do it again. You learn how to be a team quickly and honestly better than any office environment could ever teach you. You learn how to quickly trust and rely on others help and that it is OKAY to ask for help. And overall you learn how to just be a better leader. I came out of this experience so sad that it was over (yet SO relieved) and I truly feel like this is one of the best things I have ever done. To be surrounded by students and so many different personalities is just so great.

I honestly think that the BEST part of my trip was when the students would thank me for helping them out. Be it in a situation of being too drunk, preventing a fight or just overall making their trip great. Those comments and thanks made it ALL worth it. 

I will admit that this job is NOT for everyone, like one of my coordinators said "it takes a special kind of crazy to do what we do." That being said, I guess I'm a special kind of crazy because I am excited to do it again (eventually) and excited to see what else I can learn! I love being around people and being on the go, I can't wait to meet new students and go on different adventures, after I get about eight days of sleep, of course! 

Bus number 5 are my students, ohhhh those students of mine. They were awesome and I am SO proud that NONE of them caused myself and the other Trip Leaders big problems, maybe a little bit of lip but what would you expect from teenagers? If any of you are reading this, I truly want to say thank you thank you thank you. You guys were awesome and made me feel so welcome and cool ;) I'm sending you lots of love and the best of luck for the future! You guys are all a bunch of wicked kids and I hope nothing but the best for you! Thank you for being rock stars! 

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