Hello friends, 
I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday, it's super rainy out today and you know what I seriously cannot complain one bit about it, I love it. It means were making progress, it means spring is coming and summer will soon be here. I am so excited to finally wear shorts, dresses and everything summer. Oh the bliss of it. Okay, okay, enough day dreaming! 

This week I have been feeling all sorts of weird. I haven't really felt like myself, I haven't been bubbly or happy or anything, I've just been blah. I'm thinking its just one of those weeks. I have been procrastinating HARD on all of my goals lately and I just need to snap out of it. I'm procrastinating at this very moment, I should be working out but here I am writing a blog post. I have been finding all sorts of excuses to not work out and not eat healthy, I've been too tired or that burger looks too good. What in the world is going on in this brain of mine?

It's time that I snap out of it. No more of this blah crap. Happiness is what I'm aiming for so that is exactly what I will do, make myself HAPPY. So no more crappy food, no more "I'm too tired to work out" excuses and absolutely NO MORE being blah. I'm bringing my Positive Patricia persona back and she's gonna kick ass! 


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