get him dressed // 01

Okay, so when I was deciding about starting up my 'get me dressed' series, I was discussing it with Mitch (my sisters boyfriend) He is definitely one of my main supporters when it comes to this blog and I appreciate it greatly, it's always so nice when family supports one another... Thanks bud! :)

Anyways, I had mentioned the series to him and he said it was a pretty neat idea but since he's a guy he would like to see a 'get me dressed' for men! So being the good blogger that I am, I'm giving my people what they want! 

I feel like mens clothing is SO much more expensive than women's. It kind of boggles my mind how when a women's clothing store has a sale the discounts are HUGE but it's never like that for mens!  Since I am a cheap clothing kind of girl I decided to make a list of nice but cheap mens clothing and accessories options! It got approved by both Brent and his best friend Cale, they liked it all except for the shoes... but they're my fav haha oh well can't win 'em all! 

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  1. Noooo problem (: and coming from a guy that knows shoes, I agree with Brent and Cale on that one aha