21 days

Did you know that it apparently only takes 21 days to make a habit? If not, now you know! As you may have seen in yesterdays post, I spoke about how I just haven't been feeling myself... I've just been BLAH. I still got my crap together and actually worked out and made a pretty healthy dinner. A round of applause anyone? No? Okay... Anyways, I sat down and really thought to myself, what do I want in my life? I have been going down the happy road and it has seriously been working but it's just not enough. 

I cannot complain about my body, I am fortunate to be blessed with good genes and a pretty quick metabolism but, yes there is a but, I have never been fully HAPPY with my body. Yes, I am skinny and yes I am lucky but I feel like my body can be MORE. I want to be FIT. I want to be HEALTHY. I have never posted about my insecurities and I probably will never really get into it on this blog but today I do want to tell you about the 21 day challenge. 

Last night as I was searching the web and bumming around I came across this 21 day deal and you know what, I think, no scratch that, I KNOW I can do it. I am NOT going on some intense diet, I am NOT doing a cleanse I am just choosing to change my habits a little bit. Eat a little better and exercise a little more. It's a little change but it's my very own. It's my project and I believe I can complete it and continue it. Don't get me wrong I will never EVER give up my burgers but a little cheat never killed anyone right?

SO on April 9th I will check back with ya and we'll see how it went! Maybe now that I've posted it online I'll actually stick with it! 

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