100 happy days

Ooh my goodness gracious, how perfect is this?! 

As you all may know I have been on the mission to happiness ever since the New Year. The word happiness was my new years resolution goal and I have been sticking to it surprisingly well! I have seen this hashtag on instagram numerous times but I never really understood what it was all about, until tonight! I was looking at some blogs and came across this little number and I just got so darn excited! I'm joining the force and tomorrow I'll be joining the 100 happy days challenge, you can learn more and sign up here!

I know it'll get hard since not everyday is a happy day but I want to document and prove to myself that my life is beautiful even on the crappy days! So follow me on instagram @kathypaulo and join me on my journey to happiness! 

Happiness is a key component to a good life, so why not join too! I want to hear about your stories too! Be sure to add me on instagram and tag #thedaintykat100 :) 

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