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The weekend has come and gone, it sucks how the week always drags on but once the weekend comes its over in a blink of an eye! 

I spent Friday night and Saturday night at my parents, we were expecting (and received!!) a huge snow storm and since I had a weekend full of plans, I didn't want to get stuck at my house. I spent  all of Saturday with my mom, we went for a massage and boy did it ever feel good! There is nothing more relaxing than being massaged and releasing all the tension from your muscles. It was pure bliss! Later that night, I went to a Fundraising Gala with my mom and sister. 

The fundraiser was in support of Breast Cancer and all proceeds went to Freeport Hospital, they are hoping to raise enough money to buy a new mammogram machine. I always find it nice to go out with the ones I love and have a great night, all for a good cause!  To learn more or to donate please click HERE.

Today, my parents and sister came over to my house for lunch. It was the first time I hosted our family lunch and even though my mom pretty much cooked everything (I definitely helped!!) everyone was satisfied and happy! It was a pretty nice day and I'm so glad that my family makes sure to have at least one lunch or dinner together once a week! It's those kinds of traditions I will always want to carry on! 

I'm pretty excited I get tomorrow off, Brent also got the day off so as you could imagine we are both pretty pumped about it. Although we live together, we both have two very different schedules and sometimes don't get to spend any time together! To have a whole day to ourselves, is pretty exciting to say the least! 

Here are some pictures of my weekend! I also didn't forget about our portrait of the week! Brent and I will get it done tomorrow! I hope you all have a great week! :) 

(had to sneak a picture)

I had the best night with my mom and sister! It was really a great night! :)

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