Pelle Imports

Back in December when HighDiamond had their 'Broken' video premier party, one of their sponsors, Pelle Imports held a contest where three grand prizes were to be won! In order to win we had to Instagram, Facebook like, Tweet and Pin anything to do with Pelle Imports. 

First prize was a leather handbag, Second prize a leather or suede wrap belt and Third prize was a leather clutch purse with a wrist wrap. 

Pelle Imports sell Italian Leather Handbags and Accessories all made in Italy. All their products are available online and through an organized social platform called "Pelle Festa."  You can Host Pelle Festa parties, where all the products will be brought to you and your invited guests! As a hostess you can also earn generous rewards! You can find their website HERE for more information and too look at all the BEAUTIFUL handbags! 


I was in Florida when I was given notice that I was in the running for first place… Hello, a new handbag for free?! YES please! So as any girl should, I got on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and liked EVERYTHING. Ladies and gents, when I say everything, I mean everything.
Guess what! It was worth it! I won first place! I got this beautiful new handbag and I am so excited. When I was in Italy, I only dreamed of buying one of their purses… In florence there are markets with so many beautiful handbags and now I can say I am the proud owner of one! 


Nadine Devereux, the founder of Pelle Imports, is one of the nicest and most fashionable ladies you will ever meet! This weekend there was a woman's trades show in Kitchener and Nadine got my mother, my sister and myself free tickets to go enjoy it! It was a wonderful ladies day out and we also watched HighDiamond perform! As you know, anything to do with HighDiamond makes me happy! 

Thank you SO much Nadine! I love my new purse and I had a wonderful time at the Total Woman Show!

Again, please check out Pelle Imports website to see all of their beautiful authentic Italian bags! You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


  1. Love your coat!! I've totally been digging shearling lately!

  2. Thanks so much! I've had it for a good two years and only started wearing it now! I'm loving it! :)