new hair regimen

To all those who don't know me, I have the worlds thinnest hair. Okay, maybe thats a little bit of an exaggeration but still, it's pretty thin. In elementary school I had the THICKEST mane ever, I mean it was curly and wild and never ever done. When I started high school I began to actually "care" about what I looked like so I began straightening my hair… Worst. Decision. EVER. 

Once I started straightening my hair, I never stopped doing it. As I have grown up, I have (finally) accepted my wavy locks and am really trying to get my hair healthy again. Recently (as you may have seen from a few posts ago) I decided to cut my hair a lot shorter than it was. 

It was probably the best decision I could have made since my hair was so fried and damaged, but no matter how damaged my hair was I would never be able to pull of the Jennifer Lawrence look. She still looks fab though! 

Anyways, I was on Facebook the other day and saw a post about the Baking Soda & Apple Cider Vinegar regimen  I went straight to google and spent a good few hours researching this new thing and everyone was pretty positive about it. So I totally jumped on that bandwagon. After my first wash (pre cut hair) I had noticed a big change, it was already softer! Once I used it post hair cut, it has been ahhhhmazing! I mean it takes a few minutes longer to shower and to get things ready but since I have already seen results I really don't mind! 

One thing that I really love about it, is that it keeps my hair clean for a couple of days, my hair would get greasy literally overnight. I read that the longer you use it the longer you can go without washing your hair. I know it sounds gross but not washing your hair every day is actually really good for your hair. 

I will continue doing this for the next little while and I will update you on how I'm feeling about it! I've only really been on this new regimen for a few days so that doesn't give me enough time to really tell you how I feel about it! 

I'm telling you guys, it's a new year for me! Gonna try new things and take better care of myself! 


  1. It look great on Saturday. Love the shot hair!

  2. Short hair = less problems