Hello friends!

I have been so bad with blogging for a few weeks and I do apologize! Life has gotten just a little hectic, with so much working I do tend to forget to even think about my blog! I promise I am going to get back on it.

Since I moved I haven't really had the chance to spend time with my little sister. I see her all the time, almost everyday actually, but we haven't hung out. So I invited her over for a sleepover and gosh it was MUCH needed. My sister is four years younger than me, growing up I can say we were always close but not the "best friends" close it was more like "she's my little sister and she's annoying but I love her" kind of close. Now that were older we have become best friends, I sometimes find it so hard to believe when we have adult conversations... Even a year ago we didn't talk like we do now, she has matured into such a beautiful young lady and I am SO proud of her. 

It's funny how relationships change and evolve. Sometimes they get better and sometimes they get worse. I am so glad that I can honestly call my sister a friend. Whenever I need her I can count on her. Not saying that we don't fight or anything, come on guys, she's my sister obviously there will be arguing. But it's just so nice how we're on the same level, we're kind of the same but extremely opposites. We have our heads on our shoulders, common sense and I like to think we're pretty hilarious. 

We had the best night together and spent hours talking, eating, laughing out butts off and looking at VERY old pictures. I found a file on my old hard drive of a photo shoot we did with our cousin. 

I'm done with my sappy lovey sister talk, here's the good stuff ;) Enjoy!

PS. Philipa if you're reading this, thanks so much for a great night! I'm so glad we're going to be doing it more often! I love you!

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