Happy Valentines Day

Hello my loves! 

Today is a day for loving and I intend to do just that! I haven't always fancied Valentines Day, I truly love the meaning of it, to have a special day to show everyone you care about, that you love them is pretty great… I just really dislike the fact that it has become so commercialized and that some people believe that you need to spend a ton of money to make it special.

However, I do enjoy little surprises (who doesn't)… Brent came home last night (technically NOT vday, just saying) with roses and some chocolates, this is the first time he has ever bought me roses and I was actually surprised. We said no money spent on gifts this year, only a card but that sucker had to go and buy me roses! I loved it and hated it… this week they make the price for roses ridiculous! Ohhhh I know I know sorry, I truly am grateful!

Less negative nancy and more positive patricia. Is that even a saying? I don't even know. 

I guess the true meaning for this post would be how grateful I am for the people in my life. Brent is my one and only, he is my glue, I love that guy so flippen much it scares me sometimes! But this fear is a good kind. I am so grateful for my family, my parents and sister are my rocks, we fight like crazy but love even more. I am so blessed to have such a crazy, loud and loving family… I would be lost without them! And my friends, ohhhh these friends of mine… I have some pretty awesome friends, Catina and Gimena have been the best things that I ever needed. Seriously, they have helped me grow and be the person I should have always been, I appreciate them more with each passing day and love them like crazy! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful day filled with love and chocolate and that your weekend is just as good! 

Before I officially end this post, you guys NEED to see Brent at his finest. Watch this video. That my friends is my dorky boyfriend and his best friend. This gem was done back in college, we found it last night and died watching it. Despite how ridiculous it is, the editing in it is phenomenal! I LOVE it!


  1. Brent's funny, that video was fantawesome yo! Happy valentines day <3

  2. That video is truly cringe worthy. And I like it.

  3. hey I had cutoff jean shorts in the 80's..they were awesome. Great video...

    yours truly
    John mcEnroe