friday night

Hello lovelies! 

It is friday night and I am sitting on my couch enjoying some me time before all the boys come over! Today marks one month that Brent and I have officially been living together! It has been such a fun month and I really hope the rest of my life is like this. I found a real winner guys, he cleans the house and I don't even have to ask him! 

So a little blurb for what I'm thinking… Okay, so… I didn't know that in order to be young and enjoying your twenties, you have to go out to a club every week? I don't care if I'm perceived as a prude or boring person but I do wonder why it's considered that going out partying/clubbing is the only way to be "young"? 

That being said, I don't NOT go out. I have had plans going out to fundraisers, house parties and having friends over, every weekend in January. So I mean I'm not a complete introvert. 

I would just prefer a house party (or staying home in pjs) over a club any day. I enjoy having conversations (while drinking) with people rather than screaming over loud music. 

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy going out every once in a while… please note I have not been to a club since I was in Italy… In 2012, so I will admit that IS a little sad.

Alas, Catina, Gimena and I are going to Niagara soon for a girls only trip and I am SO excited. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my best friends AND go out with them! 

I don't know if I'm wasting my 20s or if I'm going to regret not clubbing every weekend. But right now as of this very moment I am so happy with my life. I still feel like I'm young and free and enjoying life. I just don't think that in order to "live life" I have to be completely hammered and out clubbing. 

Just my little vent for the day… and Mena if you're reading this don't worry we're not THAT old. ;) 


  1. Hahahha love this post we are just perfect together that's all :)

  2. Hahha love this post we are just perfect together bubba :)