Hello friends!

I have been so bad with blogging for a few weeks and I do apologize! Life has gotten just a little hectic, with so much working I do tend to forget to even think about my blog! I promise I am going to get back on it.

Since I moved I haven't really had the chance to spend time with my little sister. I see her all the time, almost everyday actually, but we haven't hung out. So I invited her over for a sleepover and gosh it was MUCH needed. My sister is four years younger than me, growing up I can say we were always close but not the "best friends" close it was more like "she's my little sister and she's annoying but I love her" kind of close. Now that were older we have become best friends, I sometimes find it so hard to believe when we have adult conversations... Even a year ago we didn't talk like we do now, she has matured into such a beautiful young lady and I am SO proud of her. 

It's funny how relationships change and evolve. Sometimes they get better and sometimes they get worse. I am so glad that I can honestly call my sister a friend. Whenever I need her I can count on her. Not saying that we don't fight or anything, come on guys, she's my sister obviously there will be arguing. But it's just so nice how we're on the same level, we're kind of the same but extremely opposites. We have our heads on our shoulders, common sense and I like to think we're pretty hilarious. 

We had the best night together and spent hours talking, eating, laughing out butts off and looking at VERY old pictures. I found a file on my old hard drive of a photo shoot we did with our cousin. 

I'm done with my sappy lovey sister talk, here's the good stuff ;) Enjoy!

PS. Philipa if you're reading this, thanks so much for a great night! I'm so glad we're going to be doing it more often! I love you!



This week I have been so MIA with my blog its a little ridiculous! Both Brent and I completely forgot about our picture this week and since we were both far to lazy to actually look decent for a picture, we decided that a pajama selfie was just what my blog needed! I hope you are all having a wonderful week, I sure am! I'll have a special announcement on Saturday, so stay tuned!  (and for those of you who know whats up, shhhhh!) 


"You control your happiness, not one other person does. You have the power to make yourself happy, you don't need someone else to. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Don't let anyone tell you different. It's your life, so make your own decisions. Don't worry about what people think about you, you probably won't talk to them a couple years down the road. So do what you want, and say what you feel." - unknown

Happy Happy Friday! 

Is it just me or has this week felt strangely long, even though monday was a holiday? It's probably just me. Anyways, as I have posted earlier this year, I have chosen happiness as my word of the year. I will admit I'm not "happy" every day but I have become a happier me. 

I have been working SO hard at it, everyday I wake up in the morning and reassure myself its going to be a good day. When it turns out to be a crap day, I always find time be it at the end of the day or in the middle of my frustrations, to always remind myself life is good. It's really not as bad as I'm making it seem, it never is. 

I found this quote the other day, is just so perfect for me. For years I lived my life to make other people happy. Friends, ex's and certain family members, I was always a people pleaser. Now that I'm "older" I have come to the conclusion that I just don't need to please everyone anymore. 

I feel like I am so slowly becoming who I am meant to be. Yes, yes this is a corny post but hear me out. For years I felt like I pushed down the real me. I pretended to be someone I'm not. I did things I never cared for and I hid my creative self, with fear of being made fun of or picked on. You see, when you get bullied for so many years, you start to change and be someone your not and then you become a really shitty you. 

In the last year, I have truly become Kathy. I am back to being my extremely weird self and I love it. I feel my creativity coming back slowly (but surely) and it feels so great. I have made the BEST of friends. I haven't felt this great about friendships in a long time but dang it, my friends rock. 

Last night I had a girls night with Cat and Mena, I can't remember the last time I have laughed so hard. A good belly laugh really is medicine for the soul. These girls are my rocks and I am so grateful for them, they have made me a better me and have allowed me to be myself. Crap, this post is so sappy, I love it! 

What I'm really trying to say, is to anyone who is reading this who has had those crap friendships, who has felt like they don't belong or aren't accepted, life is so good if you just let it be. By trimming the fat and not stressing about the small stuff, you allow yourself to be happy. Sure crappy things happen, they always do and they're inevitable but you don't have to let that situation define you. Be weird, be different and be wonderful. 

Who cares what the world and other people (who suck) think about you. You my friend are fricken awesome, just tell yourself that everyday and I promise you will one day believe it.



On Saturday my whole family drove up to Niagara-On-The-Lake to spend the weekend at the cottage. Unfortunately, Brent and I could only spend a night there since he worked Sunday night but the time that we did get to spend with the family was so much fun! 

Let me tell ya about my fam jam, we are a very loud bunch and I love it. There was so much loud talking and great big belly laughs, it makes my heart warm up! I love spending time with them SO much! I hope you all had a wonderful family day weekend! Here are some pictures of the family too! 



This weekend we spent a night in Niagara-on-the-lake, my whole family decided to go down for family day weekend! It was a wonderful time filled with loudness and laughter. I love my family so much! 


Happy Valentines Day

Hello my loves! 

Today is a day for loving and I intend to do just that! I haven't always fancied Valentines Day, I truly love the meaning of it, to have a special day to show everyone you care about, that you love them is pretty great… I just really dislike the fact that it has become so commercialized and that some people believe that you need to spend a ton of money to make it special.

However, I do enjoy little surprises (who doesn't)… Brent came home last night (technically NOT vday, just saying) with roses and some chocolates, this is the first time he has ever bought me roses and I was actually surprised. We said no money spent on gifts this year, only a card but that sucker had to go and buy me roses! I loved it and hated it… this week they make the price for roses ridiculous! Ohhhh I know I know sorry, I truly am grateful!

Less negative nancy and more positive patricia. Is that even a saying? I don't even know. 

I guess the true meaning for this post would be how grateful I am for the people in my life. Brent is my one and only, he is my glue, I love that guy so flippen much it scares me sometimes! But this fear is a good kind. I am so grateful for my family, my parents and sister are my rocks, we fight like crazy but love even more. I am so blessed to have such a crazy, loud and loving family… I would be lost without them! And my friends, ohhhh these friends of mine… I have some pretty awesome friends, Catina and Gimena have been the best things that I ever needed. Seriously, they have helped me grow and be the person I should have always been, I appreciate them more with each passing day and love them like crazy! 

I hope that you all have a wonderful day filled with love and chocolate and that your weekend is just as good! 

Before I officially end this post, you guys NEED to see Brent at his finest. Watch this video. That my friends is my dorky boyfriend and his best friend. This gem was done back in college, we found it last night and died watching it. Despite how ridiculous it is, the editing in it is phenomenal! I LOVE it!


happy week

Hello lovelies!! 

I hope that everyone has been having a great week! It's almost the weekend and I am SO excited! I get to go away with Brent and my family! It's going to be a fun relaxing weekend, I absolutely love when I get to spend time with everyone I love. It's my favourite! 

I have to say last week was a really awful week, it felt like anything that could go wrong did. I was feeling so overwhelmed and down, I was hating it. In hindsight, I know it really wasn't that bad but I feel that as soon as your monday starts off really and I mean really crappy, the rest of your week just won't be the best! 

However, THIS week has been pretty darn good. I woke up Monday morning feeling great, Brent and I both had the day off so we spent it together cleaning and working on some stuff around the house! It also helps that the sun has been shining like crazy… It is still really flippen cold BUT no snow is falling so I am happy happy!

I feel so excited and blessed this week its a little dorky, but I am so grateful for everything that I have. Sometimes you just really need to take a good look at your life and realize that life really is good! Good things are happening and I am so glad! 

I hope that the rest of my week is just as good as the first half and that the rest of YOUR week is just as great! 


Pelle Imports

Back in December when HighDiamond had their 'Broken' video premier party, one of their sponsors, Pelle Imports held a contest where three grand prizes were to be won! In order to win we had to Instagram, Facebook like, Tweet and Pin anything to do with Pelle Imports. 

First prize was a leather handbag, Second prize a leather or suede wrap belt and Third prize was a leather clutch purse with a wrist wrap. 

Pelle Imports sell Italian Leather Handbags and Accessories all made in Italy. All their products are available online and through an organized social platform called "Pelle Festa."  You can Host Pelle Festa parties, where all the products will be brought to you and your invited guests! As a hostess you can also earn generous rewards! You can find their website HERE for more information and too look at all the BEAUTIFUL handbags! 


I was in Florida when I was given notice that I was in the running for first place… Hello, a new handbag for free?! YES please! So as any girl should, I got on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and liked EVERYTHING. Ladies and gents, when I say everything, I mean everything.
Guess what! It was worth it! I won first place! I got this beautiful new handbag and I am so excited. When I was in Italy, I only dreamed of buying one of their purses… In florence there are markets with so many beautiful handbags and now I can say I am the proud owner of one! 


Nadine Devereux, the founder of Pelle Imports, is one of the nicest and most fashionable ladies you will ever meet! This weekend there was a woman's trades show in Kitchener and Nadine got my mother, my sister and myself free tickets to go enjoy it! It was a wonderful ladies day out and we also watched HighDiamond perform! As you know, anything to do with HighDiamond makes me happy! 

Thank you SO much Nadine! I love my new purse and I had a wonderful time at the Total Woman Show!

Again, please check out Pelle Imports website to see all of their beautiful authentic Italian bags! You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



Okay, so this week we ended up doing our pictures a little different! We wanted to do some pictures in front of the chalkboard but they didn't really turn out… So, Brent and I decided to do just some individual portraits. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow I will be posting all about my trip to the Total Woman's Show in Kitchener this weekend! Have a happy Sunday night :) xo

Ps. We wrote one month, in honour of our one month of living together! We're corny and I like it :)


friday night

Hello lovelies! 

It is friday night and I am sitting on my couch enjoying some me time before all the boys come over! Today marks one month that Brent and I have officially been living together! It has been such a fun month and I really hope the rest of my life is like this. I found a real winner guys, he cleans the house and I don't even have to ask him! 

So a little blurb for what I'm thinking… Okay, so… I didn't know that in order to be young and enjoying your twenties, you have to go out to a club every week? I don't care if I'm perceived as a prude or boring person but I do wonder why it's considered that going out partying/clubbing is the only way to be "young"? 

That being said, I don't NOT go out. I have had plans going out to fundraisers, house parties and having friends over, every weekend in January. So I mean I'm not a complete introvert. 

I would just prefer a house party (or staying home in pjs) over a club any day. I enjoy having conversations (while drinking) with people rather than screaming over loud music. 

Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy going out every once in a while… please note I have not been to a club since I was in Italy… In 2012, so I will admit that IS a little sad.

Alas, Catina, Gimena and I are going to Niagara soon for a girls only trip and I am SO excited. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my best friends AND go out with them! 

I don't know if I'm wasting my 20s or if I'm going to regret not clubbing every weekend. But right now as of this very moment I am so happy with my life. I still feel like I'm young and free and enjoying life. I just don't think that in order to "live life" I have to be completely hammered and out clubbing. 

Just my little vent for the day… and Mena if you're reading this don't worry we're not THAT old. ;) 


run or dye

Alright you guys, I have signed up for my first ever 5K run. I'm excited but pretty scared. With all this snow I haven't had the chance to run since fall and I don't have a gym membership. But as soon as this snow leaves I'll be back out there giving it my all. Yes, I could easily run on the snow but I absolutely HATE winter so no part of me feels like being outside in the cold. Can I just add, totally off topic, how much flipped snow we're getting?! In all my 22 years, I have never seen this much snow in a winter. I am absolutely hating it. 

Anyways, Gimena, my sister and I will be participating in the Toronto run on June 7th. I love that this isn't one of those serious runs, knowing that it will be a fun time with my best friend and sister makes it that much more exciting! I don't feel the pressure to really really train! 

I have gotten back into working out though, I really fell off the wagon back in the summer. I had my wisdom teeth surgery and had a horrible recovery so once I was able to eat again, oh I ate. So now I am slowly getting back to my healthy ways but I am not restricting myself as much as I had been. I have a love for food so big that I know I won't be able to "eat clean" again. This time around I'm going to eat healthy and have those damn cravings when I feel like it (in moderation, of course). 

If you're interested in joining the fun, click HERE for a direct link! You can sign up and even join our group we're called "Colour me crazy" it would be so fun to have as many team members as we can!  

I hope that you are all having a happy wednesday, we're almost at the weekend finish line! See what I did there? ;) 

Ps. I started thedaintykat blog back in May. Since then, I have had over 5500 page views! Even though that isn't a WHOLE lot, I find it to be a small accomplishment! I am loving being a blogger and I'm so proud that this time I have actually kept to it! Thank you to all my friends, family and blog visitors for supporting me! :) 


new hair regimen

To all those who don't know me, I have the worlds thinnest hair. Okay, maybe thats a little bit of an exaggeration but still, it's pretty thin. In elementary school I had the THICKEST mane ever, I mean it was curly and wild and never ever done. When I started high school I began to actually "care" about what I looked like so I began straightening my hair… Worst. Decision. EVER. 

Once I started straightening my hair, I never stopped doing it. As I have grown up, I have (finally) accepted my wavy locks and am really trying to get my hair healthy again. Recently (as you may have seen from a few posts ago) I decided to cut my hair a lot shorter than it was. 

It was probably the best decision I could have made since my hair was so fried and damaged, but no matter how damaged my hair was I would never be able to pull of the Jennifer Lawrence look. She still looks fab though! 

Anyways, I was on Facebook the other day and saw a post about the Baking Soda & Apple Cider Vinegar regimen  I went straight to google and spent a good few hours researching this new thing and everyone was pretty positive about it. So I totally jumped on that bandwagon. After my first wash (pre cut hair) I had noticed a big change, it was already softer! Once I used it post hair cut, it has been ahhhhmazing! I mean it takes a few minutes longer to shower and to get things ready but since I have already seen results I really don't mind! 

One thing that I really love about it, is that it keeps my hair clean for a couple of days, my hair would get greasy literally overnight. I read that the longer you use it the longer you can go without washing your hair. I know it sounds gross but not washing your hair every day is actually really good for your hair. 

I will continue doing this for the next little while and I will update you on how I'm feeling about it! I've only really been on this new regimen for a few days so that doesn't give me enough time to really tell you how I feel about it! 

I'm telling you guys, it's a new year for me! Gonna try new things and take better care of myself! 



This was our attempt at a couples mug shot. I can't wait until it gets warmer outside! We will have so many more options for pictures!! Warm weather please come soon! 


girl time

The weekend has come and gone, it sucks how the week always drags on but once the weekend comes its over in a blink of an eye! 

I spent Friday night and Saturday night at my parents, we were expecting (and received!!) a huge snow storm and since I had a weekend full of plans, I didn't want to get stuck at my house. I spent  all of Saturday with my mom, we went for a massage and boy did it ever feel good! There is nothing more relaxing than being massaged and releasing all the tension from your muscles. It was pure bliss! Later that night, I went to a Fundraising Gala with my mom and sister. 

The fundraiser was in support of Breast Cancer and all proceeds went to Freeport Hospital, they are hoping to raise enough money to buy a new mammogram machine. I always find it nice to go out with the ones I love and have a great night, all for a good cause!  To learn more or to donate please click HERE.

Today, my parents and sister came over to my house for lunch. It was the first time I hosted our family lunch and even though my mom pretty much cooked everything (I definitely helped!!) everyone was satisfied and happy! It was a pretty nice day and I'm so glad that my family makes sure to have at least one lunch or dinner together once a week! It's those kinds of traditions I will always want to carry on! 

I'm pretty excited I get tomorrow off, Brent also got the day off so as you could imagine we are both pretty pumped about it. Although we live together, we both have two very different schedules and sometimes don't get to spend any time together! To have a whole day to ourselves, is pretty exciting to say the least! 

Here are some pictures of my weekend! I also didn't forget about our portrait of the week! Brent and I will get it done tomorrow! I hope you all have a great week! :) 

(had to sneak a picture)

I had the best night with my mom and sister! It was really a great night! :)