Le Labo

After seeing a post on instagram, I thought to myself, what is the huge fuss with these cool looking perfumes? Naturally, I typed into google the name of the perfume and voila! Le Labo shows up and my curiosity is piqued. Once I started to really look at all the perfumes they had, I finally found prices and holy camoly are they a little high. I mean maybe for me who can't justify spending $140 and up on a bottle of perfume but if you're into that, no judgement here!! 

Since I won't buy the big bottles, I opted for the $6 dollar samples… I mean you also want to smell it before you buy it, am I right? You'd have to be crazy to drop all that money and not even know what it smells like! Anyways, here are my reviews: 

Santal 33: Is a very musky, outsidey smell. Nothing wrong with it but it for sure wasn't a favourite smell! Kind of manly, although I doubt Brent will use it because he did not like it at all! 

Rose 31: Now this perfume is dreamy!! I really liked the smell, it was sweet and subtle but you get a real good whiff of it every once in a while and you just want to keep smelling yourself! 

I feel like this little test was really fun! Once I really start getting the cash flow going, I wouldn't hesitate to buy Rose 31. I really really liked it. 

I hope you are all having a happy Tuesday! 


  1. You should try the smell of "le Rabo" It's wonderful with a musky almost earthy smell...kinda like a wet shoe after a marathon. :)

  2. Spend the money! Have nice things and use them! No point in having money if it isn't going to be used!

  3. $140? It better be a big bottle aha