Yesterday, I was reading heynataliejean.com blog and something she wrote stuck with me.

   "i've always believed that every new breath is a new chance to choose happiness. it's been my rallying cry for most of my adult life. happiness is a choice. it isn't a place or a set of conditions, it is a fight that you take on and then take on again, every single day. you can't let yourself forget to choose to be happy. i mean, i let myself forget all of the time, but that's not the point. the point is to remember and then get back into the battle the second you can. i'm generally a very happy person because of it. but i'd forgotten that strength is a choice, too. as is warmth. and laughter. and light.

I have always believed that happiness is a fight. We all have our bad days but we are the ones who choose whether to constantly have those days or fight to have more good ones. It's so good to see that not only do I think this way but one of my role models does too. We all fight every day to be happy and since we become so overcome by our own lives, it's so easy to forget that other people are in the exact same battle as you.

Every year she chooses a word in which she makes it her theme for the year and I love that idea, so i'm going to jump on the heynataliejean bandwagon and pick a word for this year, my word is, Happiness. I believe that if I just keep on fighting for it, I will allow myself to be a happier person and a more loving person.

I choose to have a happy year and I choose to be a happier me. 

If you could pick a word for the year, what would you pick? 


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