Hello Hello! 
I am back in Canada and dangit it is COLD! I heard on the radio that today it was colder than the North Pole. UM penguins live there… this is NOT normal! Haha regardless of this very cold weather I am oh so happy to be home! 

On our last full day in Florida we went to Disney World where we had such an amazing day! We did three parks in one day, so there was a lot of fast passing and planning to be done. We got stuck on "its a small world" for twenty minutes. 20. Whole. Minutes!!! I think my brain was ready to explode. If you haven't ever been on that ride you wouldn't understand… But I will try to explain it to you. You're on a boat (a very SLOW moving boat) and there are a bunch of electronic dolls moving and dancing, while you're moving through the different rooms which all represent different parts of the world there is a song "it's a small world" playing. If you're on that ride and it doesn't break down, you can deal BUT if you're on it for twenty minutes and it keeps playing over and over and over again your brain will want to burst! lol it made for a very good laugh! HERE is a link to the song, imagine that on repeat. 

Anyways, we had a wonderful day and a long ride home. As you may have heard on the news there has been very cold and rough weather all around America and Canada. We were pretty worried our flight would be cancelled, but the travel angels were with us and we got home safely!

This is now my first real week living with Brent and so far so good! I love spending time with him and working on making our house, our home. This is such a big step for us and I can't believe it's actually happening. It's so exciting!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here are some pictures of our day at Disney! I hope you all had a happy tuesday! Please stay warm and drink some hot cocoa! 


// Can I just say that Tower of Terror is my FAVOURITE! // 

// haha this ride gave Brent and I a good laugh… weird how they get your picture on there! //


  1. Sounds like you had a blast, I'm glad you are back though I missed my other half

    1. It was great!! But i was missing my other half too xoxo