Diemens host Mic Tee's Birthday Charity Bash

Over the weekend I attended Mic Tee's birthday charity bash. The birthday boy turned 25 and had quite a celebration! Mic Tee is one of the nicest guys ever, he turned his birthday celebration into a charity event and is donating partial proceeds from the event to Impact Romania. 

Impact Romania is a partnership between International Teams of Canada and Romanian foundation, Pas Cu Pas. Their cause focuses on institutionalized Romanian orphans and young adult orphans living in northwest Romania. To learn more about this great organization and to donate please click HERE.

The event was held at Nozo Toronto and was a night to remember. There were DJ sets by JStar and DJ KYeazy, an opening performance by HighDiamond and the headlining act by Diemens. The place was packed, the music was great and the drinks were flowing. 

Diemens, pronounced diamonds, is a two man group that consists of Mic Tee and JC Retlaw. These boys have been making the rounds and are seriously something you should be checking out! Their music is spreading quickly, they're on radio rotations in over 25 colleges across the USA and are represented by AM (Pharell's production team). They know how to get the crowd pumped and are  seriously awesome performers. They just released their most recent EP "Genesis" in September 2013. 

You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter (@MicRTee & @JC_DieMens), YouTube and check out their website for all of their latest news HERE.

Birthday boy Mic Tee. (above)

Before the guys got up to perform, HighDiamond got the show started. They did so great! The girls have definitely begun their year off right and I can tell you this much, this year is going to be a GREAT one for HighDiamond. To get all of their latest updates, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These ladies are coming out with a bunch of new songs that will seriously get you dancing, I cannot express enough how excited I am for them.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and please check out these amazing artists. I swear they will not disappoint, it's time we start supporting great Canadian artists! 

Have a good week guys! 


  1. Wow that sounds like a great time! I'm glad you had fun!

  2. One of your past posts was about a word for the year and I've been thinking about mine. Mine will be "Time". To take the time to enjoy life, enjoy the things and people around me and spend my time the way I want to.

  3. GuessWho…
    I think that 'Time' is a wonderful word to choose! In a world where we are so hurried its nice to slow down a little bit and appreciate the little things! :)

  4. wow..you such a baller Kat. Keep up the good work.