a new beginning

Good afternoon everyone!! 
I am currently sitting out on the balcony having myself a coffee and some pb&j, while I stare at the sun and beautiful ocean. Life is good.  

I hope that everyone rang in the New Year with loved ones and happiness! For the first time ever, I had a low key New Years with Brent and his family. A lot of Dutch Blitz was played and some drinking was done it was overall a wonderful night! I can't believe it was the first time that we had absolutely no plans, no ideas as to what we should do but it turned out to be so relaxing and fun! 

It's funny how that happens… It so easy to get lost in the world of over rated parties and heavy drinking that you forget how nice it is to celebrate a special day low key! 

I am truly optimistic for this year… 2013 wasn't overly kind to me but it also wasn't terribly evil either. I lost some friendships but made new beautiful ones. I lost my grandfather but welcomed a new nephew (on Brent's side). I moved out of my parents and moved in with the love of my life. I guess 2013 took a little but also gave a lot! 

This year has started off so great. I got my new years kiss, which might I add has always been SO important to me. I'm currently in the nice heat instead of the dreadful cold and on Sunday I get to visit the most magical place in the world, DisneyWorld! Words cannot describe how excited I am… I LOVE that place! 

I think the one thing I am looking forward to the most this year, will absolutely have to be the fact that I moved in with Brent. It still doesn't feel real to me at all since it literally lasted less than 24 hours. I am so excited for this new adventure. I truly believe that we are going to grow as a couple and I am going to grow as an individual. It's my first time moving away from my family and although it still kind of twists my heart to think that when I go home from my vacation, I won't be going "home home" it still makes me happy that I'll be going to MY new home. It's all still a little weird to me!

I am certain that this new start is going to be so great and fun, it'll have its hardships but life wouldn't be life if it was always easy, now would it?

If anyone has any advice on this next big step in my life I would love to hear it! 

Have a great night!


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