'tis the season

▾ Nothing like a sick selfie ▾

'Tis the season… for getting sick. I was all hunky dory this morning, feeling fine and dandy when it suddenly HITS me like a sucker punch and BOOM now i'm on the couch feeling lousier than I can say. I guess I can't really complain because I got the night off of work so I'm just laying on the couch, moping and blogging (finally!)

I have been feeling all sorts of off this week, just really not myself… we're not counting today, today I am sick! ;) There are so many uncertainties about my future right now. Like whether we will get the house or not, or if we're moving away to a whole different city… Everything has been so up in the air. I have tried to just let it go, I was so excited to be moving in with Brent… Our move in date would have been the 16th of this month but a few weeks ago our plans fell through. It sucks but I honestly feel all sorts of sad for his sister (who is moving out and then I'll move in) they had been looking at a house, they had gotten the house and then like the good ol' way that life works, a curveball was sent their way.

We find out this weekend what is going on and will hopefully get some sort of idea as to what our future holds. So I'm going to be optimistic and believe that things will work out and as my momma always says "whats meant to be will be" so heres to everything getting resolved!

Now I believe I'm going to attempt to curl up, watch an endless amount of netflix and get over this little stomach bug! I have a really exciting weekend ahead of me, so i need to be all healthy for it! I'm going to have so much to blog about! yay!

Have a wonderful wednesday and to all you sickies out there… I hope you feel better, I feel your pain!


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