put it down

Today I was feeling much better, not 100% but we're getting there. I spent my whole day working with a little break in between where I got to go shopping for some house stuff! Yay to a new crock pot and dishes or is it dinnerware? I do not know haha! 

Well if you read the picture above that is what I really want to talk about today… I got it off of instagram off one of my favourite fitness girls @brianna__sky (check her out!)  

Anyways I know that what it says its pretty much common sense but lets be real I feel like everyone needs to be reminded to "put the glass down."  I am someone who over thinks EVERYTHING. I believe it is a blessing and a curse. I am very thorough when it comes to projects or crafts but then it can be extremely overwhelming when things just happen to go wrong. I am the type of person, that when something goes wrong it is completely and utterly the end of the world for me. I'm that dramatic! I can honestly say i have toned down the drama A LOT but not nearly enough. So being dramatic and an over thinker obviously makes me a stresser and a huge worry wart. 

According to brents mother, "The number one cause of Cancer is stress, so kathy you need to calm down." Let me tell ya i have been trying and trying and damn it i'm gonna get it one day. My life is GOOD. I cannot complain about it. I have a wonderful family, an extremely loving boyfriend and amazing friends… the only thing thats really missing is what the hell do I want to do with my life?! But I believe with time I will figure it out… I mean you always do right? It'll just smack ya in the face one day and be like BOOM this was meant for you. 

SO to everyone who is stressing and feeling miserable (this is me on a day to day basis) lets STOP it. We are all amazing and awesome people, we WILL figure it out (one day) and lets just enjoy our lives! You never know when it's gonna end, so why waste it being sad and worried and feeling despaired. Smile, cuz you are gorgeous! 

After having the day I had I came home to a little surprise from my sister. I am obsessed with tea cups and teapots and I have more than I care to share. It's pretty embarrassing. Anyways, my little sister who adores me when she feels like it bought me these gorgeous tea cups from target! Gotta give a little shout out to mitch, her boyfriend because he chose them and he reads my blog all the time, thanks brotha!!

haha last one i swear! I saw this on the berry today and it totally made me laugh out loud… this picture right here folks is my relationship. hahaha if i could count the times i put my feet and hands on brents skin to warm me up, i would be rich rich rich!! 

I hope everyone has a great night, tomorrow is friday and I am oh so excited! The girls from HighDiamond are having their first ever music video release party, I am so excited to celebrate my best friends awesome accomplishments! I promise their will be a post about it this weekend!! 



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