our first christmas tree

This weekend Brent and I decided to finally put up our first christmas tree, please note that we have been dating for four years. This is LONG overdue! We had a lot of fun just talking and building our little four foot tree and decorating was great... Brent complimented me the entire time while he sat back watched wolverine and had a beer, i guess you can say that I did all the work?

 Regardless it turned out pretty darn cute minus the fact that we forgot the christmas lights.. seriously? WHO forgets christmas lights. Us, thats who! We chose to just save it for next weekend, so I guess I'll have to post another final picture! 

Also this weekend I had my first all boys (minus me, duh!) slumber party! Brent, his friends and I went to the casino for a night out! I ended up winning 150 bucks! For someone who doesn't EVER win, I was really really excited! Afterwards we headed back to brents place where we spent the night looking at hilarious youtube videos and peeing ourselves with laughter. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed that hard. It was so so needed.  The next morning we went out for breakfast… It's so good to just be one of the guys sometimes. Those boys keep me grounded and are great friends! 

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 


// such a sad tree without any pretty lights :( // 

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