HighDiamond Release Party

Last night I had the opportunity to go to HighDiamonds music video release party! Words cannot express how proud I am of these two ladies. Growing up with them, I always knew that they had so much talent. Being fortunate enough to watch them grow and blossom into wonderful performers makes my heart burst with pride! 

Their release party had a wonderful turn out and I had the chance to meet so many other local talents it was so exciting. Amongst the local talents were the Diemens boys, who are the most down to earth fun guys! I just literally watched a bunch of their youtube videos and I'm loving their music! You guys should definitely check out their website HERE, I promise you won't be disappointed! 

The girls performed last night and as usual they were flawless! Also we got to finally watch their music video, which I have to admit was the highlight of the night! It's so exciting to watch a project form from the beginning and see it on the big screen makes it seem so unreal! That's my best friend you guys… I was freaking out and definitely got a little teary eyed! 

Unfortunately their music video will only be released monday, so make sure you tune back because it will obviously be posted here! 

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The photos I took were all with my cellphone so I'm terribly sorry about the poor quality! I'm hoping to get my hands on the pictures the photographer took soon! 

Have a great Saturday and to anyone who's driving please drive carefully, this snow is killing me! 


UPDATE: As if I forgot about this, what kind of friend am I? Last night it was also announced that the girls will be performing at Radio City Music Hall for the Dionne Warwick Awards. This is so big and exciting! I'm telling you guys, these girls are amazing! Let's show them some support! 

▾ it was a red carpet event ▾

▾ Dream it ▾

▾ Can I just say I was OBSESSED with my dress, loved those polka dots ▾

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