Hello my pretties! 

And also hello to my new followers on bloglovin! I'm totally digging that app… it's pretty neat, how it connects you to so many of your interests and how it allows you to easily follow people! Love it!

Anyyyyywho… I am enjoying my vacation in Florida, it has been so relaxing and very much needed. I mean I'm finally reading again it's pretty amazing! I'm currently reading the Cuckoo's Calling, I have to say it has been a bit slow but I am enjoying it! I just want to get to the end to find out what happened haha ohhh I'm so impatient! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and a happy monday! Today while Brent and I went on our morning walk, we saw this guy fishing and he caught something alright… a nice fricken shark! Man, I thought it was so neat but I was terrified haha that little (kind of big) shark is the sole reason why I will not go swimming in the ocean! I mean that thing was caught off the shore! No thank you! 
I have been trying to take as many pictures as I can so throughout my week I will try to post new pictures and tell ya all about my trip, I love making you jealous haha just kidding. 

I'm going to go pour myself a drink and play some cards or read my book… Haven't decided yet! I hope that you all have a wonderful week and yay to New Years Eve tomorrow! Woohoo! 


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