christmas came early

Christmas came a little early this year! Gimena, Catina and I went out for dinner, exchanged gifts and had lots of laughs. man those ladies make my world go 'round. seriously they are the best. friends. EVER. I am so grateful to have these two in my life, no matter what is going on or how busy we are in our lives we always find the time to get together and those hangouts make me oh so happy. 
This christmas we went out to a cute diner called 50s. It had delicious food and amazing music. I mean i just love the 50s. 

Here are some pictures of our night. And also the bags were crafted by yours truly! I know they will be reading this, so here's a shootout to you two. You guys are great friends and i appreciate the love you guys give me, i am so grateful that we have our little triangle. I wouldn't have it any other way! I love you.


// for christmas i got the ladies a triangle necklace and a starbucks coffee tumbler //

// Catina got me a bath scrub and bath bomb she knows that i love my baths so i'm pumped for soft skin and smelling good for a change ;) … and Gimena got me a calendar from anthropologie, that i wanted really really REALLY bad, so bad that i blogged about it… the girl knows my heart //

// that little tiny triangle necklace is the necklace i got the ladies, we call ourselves a little triangle of friends because its really just the three of us… so when i saw this i just couldn't help myself. i just knew we needed it // 

Merry Christmas my loves. Thank you for everything you do. 


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