Boyfriend Wish List

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If your man is anything like mine (a hot musician who just happens to be the biggest geek) I've got some christmas ideas for you! Brent is sometimes the easiest person to shop for, I'm a very good listener so I always know what he's interested in or thinking about getting himself! I listed some gifts above that I would definitely buy Brent and they're gifts that I know he would love! Can I just add that the ID wallet is probably the sweetest thing ever… it can even hold a pick that is genius! Genius i tell ya! 

Being sick has benefited me haha gave me some time to finally make a boyfriend christmas list yay! 
Now its time for some tea and a good movie! I watched first wives club last night, it was hilarious! Man, Jennifer Lawrence's line at the grammy's was epic. 

Have a great night chickens! 


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