Another year has come and gone, seriously this year flew by! I feel like just yesterday I was in Portugal ringing in 2013! Now I'm in Florida and tonight I'll be ringing in 2014! 

It's resolution time ladies and gents! Here's my list this year! 

- I would like to be a little more calm, not completely calm where I'm no longer the crazy Kathy that I am but I would like to try to not be so short tempered. Like calm, in the count to 10 kind of way. 

- I want to be more patient. Patience is not a virtue that I have as unfortunate as that is it's true, it is something I will definitely have to work on! 

- I will be happier! I don't want to be so gosh darn negative. Seriously, sometimes I am so negative it disgusts me.

- Drink more water and eat healthier. I truly believe since I will be living on my own, I can and will be healthier. My house won't have all the temptations my parents house had (my sister is a junk food addict) so I really hope that this is one that will really stick!

- I want to take better care of myself. Over this last year I have really given up a little on my appearance, so here's to doing my hair and make up more than once a week! 

- I will live simpler, enjoy my life more, enjoy my first year living on my own and just take in all my blessings. I WILL be a happier and healthier me. 

This year is going to be a good one, I'm becoming a "big" girl now and I hope that I will not only be the best me but I hope to also be the best "wifey" and best homeowner that I can be. 

Tomorrow is the start to a new year and I can't wait! What are your resolutions?! I wanna hear them all! 


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