Another year has come and gone, seriously this year flew by! I feel like just yesterday I was in Portugal ringing in 2013! Now I'm in Florida and tonight I'll be ringing in 2014! 

It's resolution time ladies and gents! Here's my list this year! 

- I would like to be a little more calm, not completely calm where I'm no longer the crazy Kathy that I am but I would like to try to not be so short tempered. Like calm, in the count to 10 kind of way. 

- I want to be more patient. Patience is not a virtue that I have as unfortunate as that is it's true, it is something I will definitely have to work on! 

- I will be happier! I don't want to be so gosh darn negative. Seriously, sometimes I am so negative it disgusts me.

- Drink more water and eat healthier. I truly believe since I will be living on my own, I can and will be healthier. My house won't have all the temptations my parents house had (my sister is a junk food addict) so I really hope that this is one that will really stick!

- I want to take better care of myself. Over this last year I have really given up a little on my appearance, so here's to doing my hair and make up more than once a week! 

- I will live simpler, enjoy my life more, enjoy my first year living on my own and just take in all my blessings. I WILL be a happier and healthier me. 

This year is going to be a good one, I'm becoming a "big" girl now and I hope that I will not only be the best me but I hope to also be the best "wifey" and best homeowner that I can be. 

Tomorrow is the start to a new year and I can't wait! What are your resolutions?! I wanna hear them all! 


Hello my pretties! 

And also hello to my new followers on bloglovin! I'm totally digging that app… it's pretty neat, how it connects you to so many of your interests and how it allows you to easily follow people! Love it!

Anyyyyywho… I am enjoying my vacation in Florida, it has been so relaxing and very much needed. I mean I'm finally reading again it's pretty amazing! I'm currently reading the Cuckoo's Calling, I have to say it has been a bit slow but I am enjoying it! I just want to get to the end to find out what happened haha ohhh I'm so impatient! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and a happy monday! Today while Brent and I went on our morning walk, we saw this guy fishing and he caught something alright… a nice fricken shark! Man, I thought it was so neat but I was terrified haha that little (kind of big) shark is the sole reason why I will not go swimming in the ocean! I mean that thing was caught off the shore! No thank you! 
I have been trying to take as many pictures as I can so throughout my week I will try to post new pictures and tell ya all about my trip, I love making you jealous haha just kidding. 

I'm going to go pour myself a drink and play some cards or read my book… Haven't decided yet! I hope that you all have a wonderful week and yay to New Years Eve tomorrow! Woohoo! 




hello hello hello! 

Wow these last few days have been super duper busy but you know what there are NO complaints from this girl. 

I am officially moved out! I am living with Brent and loving it! Although it really lasted an all of 24 hours! Haha we are now in Detroit excited to be leaving for Florida tomorrow!! I cannot wait to be soaking in the hot sun, its gonna be so lovely, having a bikini on and drinks in my hand. Gosh I think that we are all looking forward to this trip… It'll be a much needed break after a busy week of moving and Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and once we're all settled I will catch you up on all the fun stuff we're doing!



Merry Christmas

Hello my lovelies!! 
I hope that everyone has been having a wonderful Christmas so far! I have been so blessed this year to be surrounded by those I love. There is absolutely nothing better than being with with family on this special day. Appreciate those who surround you and eat plenty of delicious food. I know I definitely will! I will be (maybe) taking a little break from blogging, I will be super busy for the rest of the week and I leave for Florida on Saturday! 

I hope that all my friends, family and fellow bloggers have a great Christmas and a very happy and safe New Years! 



christmas time

hello! Is anyone there?! 

I wouldn't be surprised if there was no one reading my blog anymore… I have been M.I.A all week. It is that time of the year folks, where I was working overtime, getting my christmas shopping done and packing all of my belongings… (we'll get to that later) 

So I am hoping that everyone (in south eastern Ontario) has stayed safe and warm… We were hit with a pretty nasty ice storm this weekend and there are thousands of people with no hydro! So you if you have a home with hydro, help out those who don't!! 

Anyways, I spent my weekend with Brent (what else is new?) we had a couple of christmas parties with his friends and with his family! I had the most fun! I have seriously been slacking on my picture taking… But I honestly believe its because i'm just choosing to not be on my phone 24/7 anymore! 

On saturday, we went on a huge hunt for ugly xmas sweaters and to our dismay found none… so what does krafty Kathy do? Ohhhh she makes one of course! Mine was no where near ugly but I can live with that! 

sooooo…. I have some very exciting news! Brent and I are moving in together THIS WEEK! ahhhhh I have been so M.I.A because I've been busy packing packing and packing! Goodness gracious talk about moving at the worst time of the year! But I love it!! I will let you all know when I'm all moved in, it's been a work in progress! 

P.S I leave for florida friday… I'm so excited to see some sunlight and get a tan! Be jealous ;) 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend… I'm definitely going to try to get back to blogging as soon as I catch a break!


Brent and I are horrible… we ALWAYS open presents early, we just can't even deal. It's a little ridiculous! Anyways, he's amazing and he listens. Two owl coffee mugs from anthropologie and The Great Gatsby. Ladies I found a keeper. 


it's here

Alright guys, here it is. The famous 'Broken' music video I have been ranting and raving about. This is absolutely the most exciting thing ever! I could not be more proud of them. Watch it. Share it. Lets get these girls recognized! I promise you that one day they will be HUGE. Check it out!


HighDiamond Release Party

Last night I had the opportunity to go to HighDiamonds music video release party! Words cannot express how proud I am of these two ladies. Growing up with them, I always knew that they had so much talent. Being fortunate enough to watch them grow and blossom into wonderful performers makes my heart burst with pride! 

Their release party had a wonderful turn out and I had the chance to meet so many other local talents it was so exciting. Amongst the local talents were the Diemens boys, who are the most down to earth fun guys! I just literally watched a bunch of their youtube videos and I'm loving their music! You guys should definitely check out their website HERE, I promise you won't be disappointed! 

The girls performed last night and as usual they were flawless! Also we got to finally watch their music video, which I have to admit was the highlight of the night! It's so exciting to watch a project form from the beginning and see it on the big screen makes it seem so unreal! That's my best friend you guys… I was freaking out and definitely got a little teary eyed! 

Unfortunately their music video will only be released monday, so make sure you tune back because it will obviously be posted here! 

Please support these girls and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

The photos I took were all with my cellphone so I'm terribly sorry about the poor quality! I'm hoping to get my hands on the pictures the photographer took soon! 

Have a great Saturday and to anyone who's driving please drive carefully, this snow is killing me! 


UPDATE: As if I forgot about this, what kind of friend am I? Last night it was also announced that the girls will be performing at Radio City Music Hall for the Dionne Warwick Awards. This is so big and exciting! I'm telling you guys, these girls are amazing! Let's show them some support! 

▾ it was a red carpet event ▾

▾ Dream it ▾

▾ Can I just say I was OBSESSED with my dress, loved those polka dots ▾


put it down

Today I was feeling much better, not 100% but we're getting there. I spent my whole day working with a little break in between where I got to go shopping for some house stuff! Yay to a new crock pot and dishes or is it dinnerware? I do not know haha! 

Well if you read the picture above that is what I really want to talk about today… I got it off of instagram off one of my favourite fitness girls @brianna__sky (check her out!)  

Anyways I know that what it says its pretty much common sense but lets be real I feel like everyone needs to be reminded to "put the glass down."  I am someone who over thinks EVERYTHING. I believe it is a blessing and a curse. I am very thorough when it comes to projects or crafts but then it can be extremely overwhelming when things just happen to go wrong. I am the type of person, that when something goes wrong it is completely and utterly the end of the world for me. I'm that dramatic! I can honestly say i have toned down the drama A LOT but not nearly enough. So being dramatic and an over thinker obviously makes me a stresser and a huge worry wart. 

According to brents mother, "The number one cause of Cancer is stress, so kathy you need to calm down." Let me tell ya i have been trying and trying and damn it i'm gonna get it one day. My life is GOOD. I cannot complain about it. I have a wonderful family, an extremely loving boyfriend and amazing friends… the only thing thats really missing is what the hell do I want to do with my life?! But I believe with time I will figure it out… I mean you always do right? It'll just smack ya in the face one day and be like BOOM this was meant for you. 

SO to everyone who is stressing and feeling miserable (this is me on a day to day basis) lets STOP it. We are all amazing and awesome people, we WILL figure it out (one day) and lets just enjoy our lives! You never know when it's gonna end, so why waste it being sad and worried and feeling despaired. Smile, cuz you are gorgeous! 

After having the day I had I came home to a little surprise from my sister. I am obsessed with tea cups and teapots and I have more than I care to share. It's pretty embarrassing. Anyways, my little sister who adores me when she feels like it bought me these gorgeous tea cups from target! Gotta give a little shout out to mitch, her boyfriend because he chose them and he reads my blog all the time, thanks brotha!!

haha last one i swear! I saw this on the berry today and it totally made me laugh out loud… this picture right here folks is my relationship. hahaha if i could count the times i put my feet and hands on brents skin to warm me up, i would be rich rich rich!! 

I hope everyone has a great night, tomorrow is friday and I am oh so excited! The girls from HighDiamond are having their first ever music video release party, I am so excited to celebrate my best friends awesome accomplishments! I promise their will be a post about it this weekend!! 




Boyfriend Wish List

1 2 3 4 5 6

If your man is anything like mine (a hot musician who just happens to be the biggest geek) I've got some christmas ideas for you! Brent is sometimes the easiest person to shop for, I'm a very good listener so I always know what he's interested in or thinking about getting himself! I listed some gifts above that I would definitely buy Brent and they're gifts that I know he would love! Can I just add that the ID wallet is probably the sweetest thing ever… it can even hold a pick that is genius! Genius i tell ya! 

Being sick has benefited me haha gave me some time to finally make a boyfriend christmas list yay! 
Now its time for some tea and a good movie! I watched first wives club last night, it was hilarious! Man, Jennifer Lawrence's line at the grammy's was epic. 

Have a great night chickens! 


'tis the season

▾ Nothing like a sick selfie ▾

'Tis the season… for getting sick. I was all hunky dory this morning, feeling fine and dandy when it suddenly HITS me like a sucker punch and BOOM now i'm on the couch feeling lousier than I can say. I guess I can't really complain because I got the night off of work so I'm just laying on the couch, moping and blogging (finally!)

I have been feeling all sorts of off this week, just really not myself… we're not counting today, today I am sick! ;) There are so many uncertainties about my future right now. Like whether we will get the house or not, or if we're moving away to a whole different city… Everything has been so up in the air. I have tried to just let it go, I was so excited to be moving in with Brent… Our move in date would have been the 16th of this month but a few weeks ago our plans fell through. It sucks but I honestly feel all sorts of sad for his sister (who is moving out and then I'll move in) they had been looking at a house, they had gotten the house and then like the good ol' way that life works, a curveball was sent their way.

We find out this weekend what is going on and will hopefully get some sort of idea as to what our future holds. So I'm going to be optimistic and believe that things will work out and as my momma always says "whats meant to be will be" so heres to everything getting resolved!

Now I believe I'm going to attempt to curl up, watch an endless amount of netflix and get over this little stomach bug! I have a really exciting weekend ahead of me, so i need to be all healthy for it! I'm going to have so much to blog about! yay!

Have a wonderful wednesday and to all you sickies out there… I hope you feel better, I feel your pain!



our first christmas tree

This weekend Brent and I decided to finally put up our first christmas tree, please note that we have been dating for four years. This is LONG overdue! We had a lot of fun just talking and building our little four foot tree and decorating was great... Brent complimented me the entire time while he sat back watched wolverine and had a beer, i guess you can say that I did all the work?

 Regardless it turned out pretty darn cute minus the fact that we forgot the christmas lights.. seriously? WHO forgets christmas lights. Us, thats who! We chose to just save it for next weekend, so I guess I'll have to post another final picture! 

Also this weekend I had my first all boys (minus me, duh!) slumber party! Brent, his friends and I went to the casino for a night out! I ended up winning 150 bucks! For someone who doesn't EVER win, I was really really excited! Afterwards we headed back to brents place where we spent the night looking at hilarious youtube videos and peeing ourselves with laughter. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laughed that hard. It was so so needed.  The next morning we went out for breakfast… It's so good to just be one of the guys sometimes. Those boys keep me grounded and are great friends! 

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 


// such a sad tree without any pretty lights :( // 



I keep writing and erasing ways on how i want to start todays post. But I find that I don't have any good ways to start it. 23 years ago my older brother passed away and today is his birthday.

 I never had the chance to meet him due to obviously not being born. My mom got pregnant with me the month after he passed, so I guess you can say I was there for when she was mourning his loss.

My whole life I have felt this connection with him… I know it may sound silly but seriously I do. I sometimes feel a loss and a yearning for him and I never met him. When I was a child I had a lot of imaginary friends (i'm not crazy i swear!) and my mom has told me that many many times I would say that I was playing with Terry.

 So here I am thinking about him and wondering who he would have been and what our relationship would have been like… It will always be something I think about.

My sister and I have been talking about getting a sister tattoo for the longest time, we have both agreed that we want something to honour our older brother… But the problem is we're both pretty big chickens and the thought of the pain and how permanent tattoos are has made us back out a bunch of times. This year we wanted to get it done today on his birthday but the idea literally came up five days ago… definitely not enough time to really think it through. But one day i have promised myself that I will do it. I will honour my brother in the little way that I can. I will always think about him, I will always talk about him and I will always consider myself the middle child.

Terry, I hope that you are celebrating your day wherever you are because we are celebrating it here… we will always remember you.



christmas wish list

oh its december… lovely december. i LOVE christmas time, i mean i'm like head over heals in love with it. I'm that crazy girl who goes all out with traditions and gingerbread… lots and lots of gingerbread!

Since its that time of the year and everyone always gets stuck on what gift they want to buy the woman in their life i decided to make a little christmas wish list, with some ideas! 

 1   2   3   4   5   6  ▾

Just a side note, the cards against humanity is a VERY vulgar and terrible game, you must have a huge sense of humour when it comes to it. I absolutely LOVE it. haha you have been warned :) 
Later this week I will post a wish list for the man in your life! Shopping for brent is my favourite thing to do! :) 

Have a happy wednesday!



christmas came early

Christmas came a little early this year! Gimena, Catina and I went out for dinner, exchanged gifts and had lots of laughs. man those ladies make my world go 'round. seriously they are the best. friends. EVER. I am so grateful to have these two in my life, no matter what is going on or how busy we are in our lives we always find the time to get together and those hangouts make me oh so happy. 
This christmas we went out to a cute diner called 50s. It had delicious food and amazing music. I mean i just love the 50s. 

Here are some pictures of our night. And also the bags were crafted by yours truly! I know they will be reading this, so here's a shootout to you two. You guys are great friends and i appreciate the love you guys give me, i am so grateful that we have our little triangle. I wouldn't have it any other way! I love you.


// for christmas i got the ladies a triangle necklace and a starbucks coffee tumbler //

// Catina got me a bath scrub and bath bomb she knows that i love my baths so i'm pumped for soft skin and smelling good for a change ;) … and Gimena got me a calendar from anthropologie, that i wanted really really REALLY bad, so bad that i blogged about it… the girl knows my heart //

// that little tiny triangle necklace is the necklace i got the ladies, we call ourselves a little triangle of friends because its really just the three of us… so when i saw this i just couldn't help myself. i just knew we needed it // 

Merry Christmas my loves. Thank you for everything you do.