weekend fun

OKAY… is it the weekend yet? No, but seriously can it be? I am SO blah this week my goodness gracious. this dreary weather is bringing me DOWN! BUT alas tonight I shall be saved by my best friends because it's GIRLS NIGHT! YAY!! 

Anywayyyssss… this post should probably have been posted on sunday, but it's my blog so I do what I want ;) and to be completely honest, it's not even that important of a post HA! So this one here is for Gimena, so that she doesn't yell at me for not posting something. EVERYDAY this week I will post something to do with something, so that neither my mother or Gimena can give me crap.

okay. lets begin, shall we? 

So Sunday I went to Toronto with my family and Brent. We had a very lovely dinner at a portuguese restaurant called Bairrada. let me tell yeah… the steak was GOOD! I love portuguese food, yes yes yes I am biased but whatever its good and makes me happy.

After lunch Brent, my sister and I met up with a friend of ours to check out the new aquarium. We were all very giddy, I mean who doesn't love fishies!! As soon as we got there we saw a line, but oh no not a normal line this line was SOO long, like abnormally long. like over 700 people long. I mean it was cold and I did not need to see the fish THAT bad. So we skipped it but that's okay! it gives me an excuse to go back ;) YAY! Instead we decided to just walk around and have a day on the town! I think its safe to say it was a fun day regardless! 

Now if this weekend could hurry up that would be grrrrreat! Am I right? 


// my outfit for the day… I was digging it. PS Forever21 shirt I ordered online! ;) //

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