still a kid

Sometimes I feel like a little girl pretending to be grown up… with all the changes that are going on in my life right now, i'm terrified, excited and so filled with love its unbelievable. Brent and I will be moving in together in the near future and its such an exhilarating feeling… like ahhh I'm moving out, I get to be on my own and make my own decisions. BUT hold up the phone I'm moving in with another human being, my boyfriend… things could get interesting! Obviously I am more than thrilled that we are taking the next step in our relationship, this week we will be going on FOUR years of being together… did you hear that? FOUR YEARS! Man we have been together longer then some people have been married lol… but now it seems like the real world is setting in. Now we gotta see if we work as well living together than we do when we are living apart. I mean what if he doesn't take out the garbage or what if we just fight all the time lol I DONT KNOW you guys its stressing me out!! 

When Brent and I go to target and we look at curtains and quilts and all the house crap that you need to furnish ones house... i ALWAYS feel like "what the hell am I doing, I'm still a kid" seriously guys as much as i LOVE to buy stuff for my future house… I honestly believe I am still a child deep deep down… but i'm a child who enjoys staying in on weekends with a wine glass in her hand. 

I feel like just yesterday that i was in grade 8 with braces, wavy unruly hair and dreaming of boys… But now there are no braces, there is a boyfriend and I actually have boobs but I'm still at heart that big dork from back then haha.

And you know what its OKAY. I know i will ALWAYS still be this goofy dorky fun loving kid. I am a child at heart who enjoys to pretend she knows what she's doing… Brent and I will be FINE. We're gonna have fun (right?) and life is gonna really throw us some curve balls but BRING IT ON. We got this… who says you can't be a kid in a grown ups body? 


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