hello all!
How was your weekend? Mine was just dandy! I got to visit a good friend of mine in Peterborough and it was so fun! My parents drove me up... it's about a 2.5 hour drive from home and being the sweet overprotective parents that they are, they just insisted on going with me! Who am I to say no to a free ride? But seriously though... I'm so glad they did, we had so many fun and deep conversations. I seriously love spending time with my parents. They're my world.

ANYWAYS, less sap. I met up with Karen and we just had the ultimate girls night! Beers & wings (okay that's a bit boyish but whatever) we came home and watched funny movies and just talked. ahhh I love girl talks... especially with sweet Karen. She has been such an amazing friend, I truly love that girl! It was a much needed catch up! I had the most wonderful time that I forgot to take pictures! haha it was that great! :)

How was your weekend?! Ps. Brent and I are going on four years this week! AHHH it's crazy... there will definitely be a post about that ;)


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