Momma's back

Last night my momma came home... YAY! probably the best thing ever. If you don't know it, me and my mom are super duper close. she's my main woman. my best friend. god I love her! ANYWAYS when mom is away she ALWAYS comes back with gifts. so here are all my lovely presents... but my favourite is probably the fact that she brought my grandma back with her! SO excited.

// The cheetah top and grey sweater are my absolute favourite... GUYS that grey sweater has spikes and PLAID ON IT. I was freaking. out. //

// all my new tops came from my favourite  European store Bershka. I love it //

// Since brent and I are moving in together my mother figured buying us some cutlery was a good idea which I totally agree :) //

// out of everything that I received this was by far the most meaningful gift... My grandmother is 86 and she made this for me. I LOVE homemade gifts, I find that they are made from the heart and just so wonderful. No my name is not Katia but in Portuguese that is how they say my name. Regardless this was the gift that played with my heart strings and made me so happy. I know that one day when she's gone i'll always have this to remember her by and I love it //
This weekend brent and I are just chilling out... I haven't seen the guy in five days. I cannot express how excited I am to live with him. once a week just isn't cutting it. tonight while he was at work I made him a lovely rice, chicken and broccoli casserole and he DUG it. Man i'm telling you I am totally wifey material. I love this domestic stuff. GAH.
I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend. I know I will.

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